Lanisha Rolle, husband questioned by police, Fernander says

Former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle and her husband were being questioned by police yesterday, Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander confirmed, though he declined to state what they were being questioned for.

“Yes, at this time they are being questioned,” he said at the sidelines of the Opening of the Legal Year.

“They came into custody yesterday (Tuesday). They were released … last night to return this morning. So, at this hour, I believe they are still speaking to investigators at this time.”

Asked what Rolle and her husband were being questioned in reference to, Fernander said, “I can’t say exactly what the officers put to them but you know what was circulating in the media.

“They are speaking to them at this time.”

Last November, following reports that police were investigating her, Rolle said, “justice will prevail”.

“I stand by my record that as minister, as far as I am aware, all proper procedures were followed, as far as I was aware as minister,” said Rolle, who resigned from the Minnis Cabinet in 2021.

“A minister does not know everything in a ministry at any given time. So, to the best of my knowledge, everything, as it relates to me, there were protocols, there were persons in places who should have followed protocols and I believe that they did.

“Where they did not, whatever investigations or inquiries will reveal whatever process was or was not followed.”

She added, “I certainly believe that in due time, the truth will be exposed. I have resigned from Cabinet from February 23, 2021, and since then, we are here today.

“I recall the last official report, the audit report disclosed to my information that the accounts of Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture were fairly maintained.

“I did not hear that another audit or any further investigation was going on and so we are where we are today.”

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Travis Cartwright-Carroll

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