Lashing out at the most vulnerable

Dear Editor,

When a government finds that it does not have the answers to the myriad problems facing a society, it is not unusual for it to engage in lashing out at the most vulnerable.

With crime, particularly housebreaking, spiraling, regardless of what the minister would like us to believe, restoration post-Dorian moving unbelievably slowly, the economy sluggish, among other anxieties, what does the prime minister do?

He lashes out at immigrants.

“We will take our country back,” he shouts to the delight of the unthinking among us.

Where is the answer to our grave crime problem?

Why does it take six months to find out we can’t identify the dead from Dorian?

Why can an organization repair over 100 houses in Grand Bahama in five months and we are now hearing of 34 dome houses being ready?

Why is our capital city becoming Dodge City from the days of the Wild Wild West ?

But no, we will take our country back.

A poor economic refugee from our neighbor is not welcome unless he/she can show he /she can school the children and afford medical care.

Come on, show us why we voted for you. Give us some real hope. Please.

Jeanne Thompson

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