Leaked communications 

As attorney general, I was asked by Cabinet to conduct negotiations seeking to resolve the Toby Smith matter, involving his proposed lease of Crown land on Paradise Island. A face-to-face preliminary meeting was held.

Subsequently, Mr. Toby Smith contacted me via social media on the basis of privacy. Negotiations continued on that basis.

Regrettably, Mr. Smith has breached the privacy that he himself indicated in his initial contact.

Negotiations are not usually assisted by arguing and telling the other party to the negotiations that he, himself, is completely unreasonable.

Since that time Mr. Smith has commenced a legal action in the Supreme Court. Informal contact accordingly ceased.

It is interesting to know that the said legal action seems not to be going anywhere, and that Mr. Smith now appears to prefer litigating in the press, rather than in court.

— Carl W. Bethel, QC

attorney general and minister of legal affairs

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