Leroy Rolle | Funeral Service

Funeral Service for the late Leroy Rolle, aged 73 years, of Fox Hill Rd, Formerly of Black Point Exuma will be held on Saturday January 11th, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. at Zion Baptist Church, East & Shirley Sts. Officiating will be Rev. T.G. Morrison assisted by other ministers of the Gospel.  Interment will follow in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, John F. Kennedy Drive.

 Left to cherish his memories are:  His dedicated and devoted wife of 50 years: Mrs. Dossiemae Smith-Rolle; children: Leotha (Capt. Frederick) Kemp, Carol (Dale) Rolle, Captain Tarven, Melvin, Captain Jason, Zhivago, Captain Leehendro & Rhrodrigo, Ruby Rolle, Patrice & Renee Thompson, Jasonique (Tanaja) Cartwright; Siblings & Spouses: Vivian (Curlene), Thelma Rolle, Morris (Magelin), Walter (Gertrude) Rolle, David, Harrison, Steve, Phillip and Cliffton Smith; Adopted Mother: Clotilda Knowles;  Adopted Children: Deon Curry, David Brown, Bernadette, John & Dreko Chamberlain, Corise, Theodore (Anita), Ricardo & Terry Rolle, Marvin Cooper, Rebecca Knowles, Randy Gray, Jamal Maycock, Shaun Munroe, Terry Finley, Joshua, Jestina Jaylen Knowles, Sgt. 1843 Darrell Rolle, Laron, Shawn & Bianca Minnis, Tyrone Babbs, Tara Miller, Kato and Kenaz Rolle &, Kevin Pearce; Adopted Brothers: Don (Sophia), Lyle & Swendell Rolle, Solomon (Deanne) Robinson, Samuel Smith, Bernard, Barry, Ben Knowles & Allen Rolle. Adopted Sisters: Lorraine Smith, Muriel Cartwright, Christine Lindsey; Aunt: Mildred Robinson; Grand Children: Brenica Nixon, Lakendro Taylor, Reg. Nurse Jadera Rolle, Crystal, Brenique, Tercel, Tarvano, Deonte, Crispin, Candance, Shakai, Shilah, Malissa, Delero, Zhivago Jr., Zhivaya, Diajah, Trent, Kylin, Reign, Isaac, Shantanay, Ta’Najia, Talaya, Victoria, Sasha, Leehendro Jr., Shiloh; Great Grand Children: Braedon, Reign, Alec, Daliah; God Children: Andrew Smith, Adan Bain, Katrina James, Erica Wallace, Natajia Miller, Glenroy Brown, Shenika Bodie, Brenard Smith, Theodore & Loan Rolle; In-Laws: Gwendolyn (George) Johnson, Eleanor, Betty, Agnes, Helen, Linda, David, Philip, Clifton, Steven & Harrison Smith; Nieces & Nephews: Hon. Brensil (Cynthia) Rolle, Rev. Glen (Yvette) & Rev. Henry (Beverley) Rolle, Geraldine, Sheila (Gary), Sharon (Hollie), Priscilla (Delvin), Darlene (Trevor), Dwayne (Judith)Rolle, P/O Dan (Sharon) Rolle, Kathy(Greg), Rosena, Uriah (Lorraine), Minister Elvy (Leslie), Melvern, Cindy, Lynden, Gerrard (Eternique), Lindsay, Lorenz, Elgadro (Migdalia), Wendy (Ira), Awanno (Eddison), Delgardo, Ret. CPO Larry (Barbara) Rolle, Carolyn, Dorcas Kemp, Elaine (John), Pauline, Sgt. 1843 Darrel (Beverley) Rolle, Roscoe, Gaylean, Clement (Dominic), Nadene (Colin), Orien (Sidney), Harrison (Sharonetta), Mavis (Earl), Sheryl (Matt), Tracy, Sherene, Sherice, Capt. Andrew, Harrold (Phillipa), Divinci (Racara), D/C 3635 DeAngelo Rolle, Michelle (Genese), Milton (Shanelle), Christopher, Nathan (Rachel), ASP. Nigel Rolle, Kendal (Krissy), Bradley (Anishka), Tameko, Ron, Wayde (Judy), Larando (Latoya), Nettie, Andrea, Marie, Kenson (Cynthia), Rhoderick (Karisma), Shervin (Katherina) Recarno, Carlos, Lithera, Garnel (Bradley), Lithesha, Tara (Shawn), Shequell. Darlicia (Joshua), Tyrell Rolle, Joan Russell, Kim Ferguson, Shana Smith, Brunae Miller, Laurel Smith, Tangelar Rahming, Awanno and Eddison Nonhome, Cordero Rolle, Sherese Rolle and Rebecca Knowles;  Numerous Grand-Nieces & Nephews, Cousins: Wakely, Prince, Roland, Ruth, Andrew & Ruth Clarke, Valcena (Lernis) Brown, Naomi Rolle, Nelliemae Walkes, Dorothy, Lilbaby, Hartman, Frankie, Henry, Deborah, Elsada Brenda & Family, Audley Brown & Family, Bertram, Curling, Kenu, Vangie, Frederica & Hendsley Rolle, Majorie Maycock, Majorie Saunders & Family, Eutherpie, Eddie & Curley Bain; Other Relatives and Friends: Rev. Frankie Scott & Family, Rev. T.G. Morrison & Family, Rev. Jacob & Lewis Adderley & family, Mr. Terry Delancey & family, Inez, Icelee, Albert & Wendell Smith and family, Shirley Culmer, Capt. Brooks Miller, Capt. Lundy Robinson & family, Capt. Rudolph & Patrick Robinson, Colin Cartwright, Capt. Emmit Munroe, Capt. Junior Joffre, Joseph Moxey, Justice Hartman Longley, Attorney Elliott Lockhart, Sam Carey, Capt. Charles Major, Rev. Philip McPhee, Pat Musgrove, Roy & Melvern Davis , Barry Brown, Bervin Brown & family, Alpheus Rolle & Family, William Rolle, Darville Smith, Richard Wright, Dale Joseph, Capt. Peter Patton, Capt. Etienne & Cephas Maycock, Capt. Louie Hart, Timmy Ferguson, Hentley & Eddison Smith, Capt. Frederick & Deirdre Gray, Emily, Capt. Ryan, Capt. Ranford, Ramon. & Capt. Martin Miller & Family, Capt. Cordero Miller, Capt. Jed Munroe, Curley Williams & Family, Bob Brown, Cynthia Taylor & family, Dale Joseph, Brother Terrence & Ida Patton, Joe Craig & Family, Deacon Paymen Rolle & family, Idell Ferguson & family, Muriel Rolle & family, Agnes Ferguson & family, Betty & William Rolle, Boisy Rolle & family, Samuel Smith & family, Beryl Kemp & family, Hestine Kemp & family, Brenda, Judy Brown, Coleen Smith & family, Esther Rolle & family, Dolly Saunders & Family, Clyde & Shanny Rolle & family, Celeste Scott & Anishka Lockhart, Mario Major & family, Tess & Joseph, Pastor Berkie & Vivian Rolle, Burke Smith & family, Marjorie Saunders & family, Capt. Joel Smith & family Rhonda Culmer & family, Larry Romain & family, Minister Nicole Taylor & family, Theresa & Oliver Munroe & family, Judy Edwards & family, Capt. Craig & Kendall Miller & family, Mackie Rolle & family, Shelithia Minns and family, Exuma Escape and Team and Monique Gaitor and family, Veronica Rolle & Family, Penny & Wade Nixon & family, Ruel Gray & family, Rev. Charlie & Cynthia Johnson & family, Barbara Gray & family, Sandy Gray & family, Edith Toote, Pamela Duncanson, Ethlyn Rolle, Winsette Kelly, Theresa & Millicent Kelly, Donna Miller & family, Francis Rolle & family, Althea Adderley & Family, Susie & Hiram Rolle & family, Randy Rolle & family, Michelle Mckenzie, Murtle, Elizabeth & Sudlin Black & family, Loriana & Nita Rahming & family, Berkie Wright & family, Rosemary, Monique, and Colintino Edgecombe, Reuben, Simeon & Diane Smith & family, Valarie Taylor & family, Annie Lloyd family, Hughie Lloyd & family, Evern McKenzie & Family, Lenora Williams & Family, Trisha Smith & Family, Monique Martin & family, , Janet Miller, Elder Ruthamae Smith & family, Sharon Smith & family, Shantell Dames, Betty Dames & family, Princess McKenzie, Adrinne & Stuart Courtney, Sandra Rolle, Malvease Bethel, Carolyn Bodie. Charles & Judy Blyden, Ozzie, Devon, & Ellie Rolle, Registered Nurse Gail, Vernencha Forbes & family, Anthony Moss & family, Administrator Ivan & Tensey Ferguson, Eleanor Johnson, Jan, Jeff Edgecombe, Rev. Cedric Smith & family, Glen Davis & family, Jeff Deveaux, Eleanor Rolle & Family, Dr. Michael Fox and Medi Centre Team, Long Island family & friends, The entire Exuma chain from Highbourne Cay in the North to Williams Town in the South. May His Soul Rest In Peace!


Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium #44 Nassau Street on Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and at the church on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until service time.




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