Leslie Laken “Ken, Yellow” Deleveaux

Graveside service for Leslie Laken “Ken, Yellow” Deleveaux, 35 yrs., a resident of Holy Spirit Court, Nassau Village, will be held at Southern Cemetery, Cowpen & Spikenard Roads, on Friday, December 4, 2020. Officiating will be Prophetess Dr. Shameka Morley.

Ken was predeceased by his Loving Grandfather: William Bill Darville;

Left with precious and fond memories is his Dedicated Wife: Annett Marie Francis-Deleveaux;

Step Children: David Soltau, and Dwayne Cheek;

Devoted Mother: Katrina Darville-Outten;

Devoted Father: Leslie A. Deleveaux;

Mother in law: Carlene Fisher;

Grand Parents: Barbara Anette Darville, Bishop Reuben J. and Elizabeth Deleveaux; Brothers and Sisters: Tiara (Dallas, Texas), Celeste, Xavier, Lesley Avery, and Skylor Deleveaux, and Kieara Thompson, Fredrick Barr (Adopted Brother); Brothers and Sisters in law: Aretha, Carla, Shantel, Oren, Uel, Junior, and Kevin Francis, Racquel Wilson, Ornella Parkes; Nieces and Nephews: Kanaan, and Genesis Rayne; Grand Aunts and Uncles: Annie Green and Children, Joy Wright and Family, Winifred Murphy and Family, Francis Henchell and Children, Albury Henchell and Children, Thomas Henchell and Children, Genna Charlton and Family, Maryann Greene and Family, Richard Darville and Family, Felix Darville and Family, Anthony Darville and Family, Johnny Darville and Family, Walter (Brenda), Edward, Solomon (Lydia) Taylor, Hilda Taylor, Wilfred Taylor, Loretta (Nelson) Jones, and Vira Deal; Aunts and Uncles: Shanell Percentie (Romento Sr.), Simeon (Nancy), Mark (Jan), Latario Sr. (Marline), Victoria and Rodney (Christina) Darville, Shavanna Dockings, and Peaches, Origin Sr., and Pastor Jennie Deleveaux, and Eltha (William) Naughton; Cousins: Shoron (Rashaun) Rolle, Ron Miller II (Ron Miller III), Shannique McKinney, Destiny McKenzie, Romento Jr. and Romencia Percentie, Latoya (West Palm Beach), Macarsio, Shantol, Marcus, Marco, Markelle, Markeisha, Talia (New Jersey), Markstacia, Markerra, Markrhianna, Rashad, Rishea, Rodney Jr., and Kenrod Darville, Nicholas, Brad, Nathan, Lannel, and Pinky Darville, Rashea, Manda, Shandy Jr., and Emmanuel Dockings, and Latara, Harriet, and Latario Jr Darville, DeChadornay and Marvin Jr., Marjie Outten (Standford Sr. – Bigjew) and Family, Donald Green, Shantel, Wonnie, Sharon, Elvara, Judy, Claudina, Shanario Outten (Nashville Tennessee) and Family, Dario Darville and Family, Elkeisha Reckley and Family, Shavonne Blade and Family, Ken Ferguson (New York) and Family, Min. Porcia (Dwyne) Pratt, Marvin (Melicia) Smith, Calpurnia McPhee (TeShonn), Pastor Origin Jr. (Latoya) Deleveaux, Heather, Shantell, Shanell, Reuben Jr. Deleveaux, Pastor Clora Dorsett and family, Osborne Williams, Tennison, Barbra (Howard) Bethel and family, Emmerilla Monroe and family, Mario (Monique), Ricardo Lightbourn, Dianne, Jillian, Shawn, Rev Ken Jones and family, Oralee, Deanne, David, Jonethan, Tyrone Anothy, Princess, Franklin, Jason Deleveaux, Min. Brenda Deleveaux, Sharon, Rosemary, Gloria Smith, Gloria Minis and family, and Roschan Butler and family;

Friends and Relatives: Kim Butterfield, Jordan, Shaun, Loung, Trevor Taylor and Family, Sly, Chris, Jayson (Rat) Thompson and Family, Co-jack, Elvis (Idell) Parker and Family, Ester Rolle and G.H.S. Class of 85, Stanley Rolle, Tall Pines Family, Yellow Elder Family, The Nassau Village Family, G.H.S Class of 2002, Skyline Lakes neighborhood and Families, Joyce Cooper and Family, Inagua Grade 1 Class of 1973, Pastor Paul and Elder Maxine Butler and Family, Bahamas Christian Fellowship Center Family, Pastor Kirkwood Kelly Murphy, Pastor Cessell Higgs, The Prayer Warriors Group, Pastor Joseph Smith and The Church of God Family, Evangelist Joan Knowles, Mileah, Shavon Adderley, Ishmael Bain, Melanie Johnson, Henry Ford, Leo Senatus, Betty Armbrister, Dereck Dee Rolle, Carl Bullard, Dudley Sawyer and Family, Town Center Mall Family, Elder Leon Miller, Bishop Cephes Ferguson and family, Bishop Randolph Deleveaux and family, Bishop Lockwood Deleveaux and family, Florena Ferguson and family, Nevis Ferguson and family, Judy Deleveaux and family, Brenda Ferguson Dean, Deacon John Deleveaux and family, Endrie Deleveaux and family, Roni Winters and family, Rose Ferguson, Ida Collie and family, Joyce Cartwright and family, Pastor Terrance Forbes and family, Rosylee Gibson and family,  Min.Valentine Nairn and family, Dr. Jones and family, Shewrea Heastie and family, Pastor Roseann Christee and family, Michael Swann and family, Geoffrey Deleveaux and family, Wilver Deleveaux and family, Faye Lewis, Jamaul Deleveaux and family, Elder Beverly Clarke and family, Min. Sherise Ferguson, Mr. Llewellyn Astwood and the staff of Demeritte’s Funeral Home, The Doctors and Nurses at the Accident and emergency Princess Margaret Hospital, and Anointed to Reign Kingdom Ministries.

Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte’s Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-5:00 p.m. on Thursday.

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