LGBTQ Pride Week events to be held virtually

LGBTQ+ Pride 2020’s events will be held virtually as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pride Bahamas Organizer Alexus D’Marco said yesterday.

“COVID-19 has prevented us from coming together collectively in one place but it hasn’t prevented us from coming together virtually,” D’Marco said.

“So, what we have started to do is plan our week of events virtually where persons will be able to access our week of events, our topics through a Zoom platform.”

The Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) said last year it would host an anti-gay parade in response to the scheduled events.

However, D’Marco said yesterday there are no concerns about members of the LGBTQ+ community being harmed with the events now being held virtually.

“As far as the safety and concern of our community, in no way we would’ve put our community in harm’s way, even if we had had it at a place,” she said.

“It was going to be in a safe space and a safe place. Our concerns of our community being harmed, we don’t have those concerns or fears due to it being on a virtual platform.”

She said she hopes the events will bring awareness and tolerance for the Bahamian LGBTQ+ community.

“We hope that our Bahamian public is sensitized and educated about this community and their needs,” D’Marco said. The events are scheduled for October 5-9.

It will include sessions on LGBTQ+ social interaction and church and spirituality.

D’Marco said she is “looking forward” to the latter event.

She said she reached out to the BCC with regard to that event.

“We never got any response back from the Christian council as to having a dialogue and conversation about people who are a part of their church organizations,” she said.

“We wanted to have this dialogue for LGBTQIA people and people of faith during this week of pride. During our spiritual and wellness sessions, we’ll have an in-depth dialogue about spirituality as it relates to LGBTQIA persons.”

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