Life. We add to it. We take from it

Dear Editor,

The belief of divine intervention as an ever-present reflection amongst many as constant is a safe assumption.

Cohesively, the mechanisms of life’s journey also warrant attentive reflection on its mystery and ambiguity.

The miracle of life somehow seems to be an unappreciative phenomenon that garnishes individual risky habits.

What preempts some to disregard detrimental factors and very few to avail personal risk-management as apropos to survivability?

The plight of life’s external forces, natural disasters and accidents are inevitable.

Now, let’s take into account accidents, disease and unfortunate circumstances that could have actually been avoided if personal risk management was individually prioritized.

Wrapping our minds around hundreds of millions of people that smoke tobacco seems preposterous. To each his own, but are smokers adding value to their lives or are they taking away from it?

Because no health advantages exist and annotations of death warnings coupled with carcinogen contents are clearly visible on packets, I would say that smokers “take away from their allotted time to live”.

How strange is it that many invest in material wealth, get vehicle oil changes like clock work, make friends remove their shoes before dwelling entering, but risk the health and wealth of their most precious gem — their bodies?

From another angle, let’s evaluate a person traveling under conditions of dangerous fog levels too thick for safe driving.

Although weather advisory suggests no traveling, that person risks the safety of themselves, their children and others by driving anyway.

The outcome was a tragedy with parent/child perishing!

The presumption here is that non-attention to risk management and taking the possibility of imminent danger for granted put this parent and child in harm’s way, which did not add value to life and depleted the probability of a potentially longer life expectancy.

None of us created life or had our hands in its inception; therefore, we cannot determine its longevity or time of passing. But we do/can intervene in our own life’s designed blueprints by interrupting its innate architecture with added detriments like drugs, alcohol, mental stress, poor dieting and poor decision making.

The learned inspiration here is to avoid and prevent those Russian roulette mechanisms in life that inhibit our full potentials and experiences or that overshadow the joys of life’s natural regimen.

– Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

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