Monday, Nov 19, 2018
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Let’s face it, we will all go through storms of one kind or another in our respective lives, some material storms like tropical storms or hurricanes in the part of

Let me commence once again by asking you my valued reader a simple question. Now here goes with the question - do you know some people who are extremely arrogant

I guess that when a whole lot of people initially read the title of this article, they’ll immediately think of human cruelty in terms of cruelty to animals which unfortunately

I was watching the funeral service for Senator John McCain held in Arizona, his adopted state and the one he represented for years in the U.S. Senate as the tributes

I guess that some of my readers may read the title of today’s article, arguments or discussions, and perhaps be a bit puzzled by it, and I suppose that’s quite

Let me ask you a simple question here today, which of course I want you to answer with complete candor.  Now here goes with the question.  Do you often feel like saying

Now I know for sure, that most people when they initially read the title of today’s article mentally and verbally - not physically may be a bit puzzled by it,

Today I would like to suggest to all of my most valued readers, that you have as today’s title puts it, a renaissance in your life. Now, many may not

I meet a whole lot of people who say to me in confidence that although they have tried to be successful, they still feel like a failure. They somehow feel


The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Rated C) Cast: Claire Foy, Lakeith Stanfied, Sylvia Hoeks, Sverrir Gudnason Genre: Crime thriller Dwight’s Rating: All hail Claire Foy! It’s been a triumphant past 24 months for the

“Bohemian Rhapsody” (Rated T) Cast: Rami Malek, Ben Hardy, Mike Myers, Joseph Mazzello Genre: Drama/biography Dwight’s rating: November is here! And we’re at the start of what will be a mad and steady influx

First Man (rated B) Cast: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Kyle Chandler, Jason Clarke Genre: Biographical drama Dwight’s rating: According to NASA, the distance between Earth and its moon is 225,623 miles at its closest,

A Star Is Born (Rated C) Cast: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, Dave Chappelle Genre: Drama/Romance Dwight’s Rating: The fourth time’s the charm! Hollywood’s apparently unwritten rule that “A Star Is Born” be revisited

Night School (rated T) Cast: Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Romany Malco, Rob Riggle Genre: Comedy Dwight’s rating: It’s not all that often that the title of a movie perfectly sums up exactly what that

As predicted, the 70th annual Emmy Awards were unpredictable, for the most part, except for the times when they went exactly as predicted. The awards, handed out Monday night in Los

The 70th annual awards show honoring the best and brightest in primetime television is Monday night, and nobody seems to notice or even care. Perhaps that’s because the television landscape is

Crazy Rich Asians (U.S. rated PG-13) Cast: Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Awkwafina Genre: Comedy, romance Dwight’s rating: 2.5 Stars As with smoke, when hype clears, the true state and nature of a

The Happytime Murders (Rated C) Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Bill Barretta, Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolph Genre: Comedy, Mystery/crime Dwight’s Rating: According to the internet, he’s 39 years old. Screenwriter Todd Berger, writer of the last two


It’s time to start the action after the discussion. There’s an adage, that we do a whole lot of talking and not a lot of action. I’ve found this to

Why aren’t you taking your health seriously? On a daily basis, people make the wrong food choices for a number of reasons - whether it’s lack of time, not knowing

What’s possible in a week? If you dedicate seven days to the achievement of one goal, how ambitious could you make this goal? I’ve addressed the importance of time and how

Is your comfort zone forcing you to stay stagnant? I’ve been a fitness professional for over nine years and a part of the impressive degrees of people’s progression for a lengthy

Let’s do a test – close your eyes and repeat “no” to yourself for 30 seconds. What type of feeling do you have now? Chances are you’re tense and unmotivated. But

Undoing food conditioning for a healthier lifestyle We have a consistently strong epidemic in our country. We all know what the obesity rate is and we all know the high degree

Dates are set and tickets are booked - you’ve planned this trip for months and you’re beyond excited. Your workouts have been consistent and progression has definitely been made. You

We all know nothing is certain. The only constant in life is time. That will forever stay its perpetual course. With all of life’s indefinites, shouldn’t we at least put

“One life to live and I’m going to do me.” I’ve heard this line countless amounts of times, especially towards individual’s fitness. Now if that’s your mantra, then by all