Monday, Jul 15, 2019
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Dictate or persuade

As I have covered before in these “Time To Think” articles, having excellent communication skills is most important in becoming successful in life, across the board. Now today I’d like

It will be difficult

Just to repeat what I have relayed to you my valued readers again and again, to be successful one sets a series of goals and objectives, both short term and

The science of selling

There is a well-known saying which I am sure most of my valued readers have heard over and over again and it goes like this ‘Nothing happens until someone sells

Talk is cheap

The phrase which is the title of todays’ article, which incidently I am sure I have used before ‘Talk is Cheap’ is indeed a well-known saying. It depicts a person

How to deal with nasty people

I once asked the question of my students at a seminar which I was facilitating for a large commercial organization in the Caribbean, ‘How would you respond if someone in

Incentives versus threats

As all of my regular readers will be fully aware of, as I have stated repeatedly in these articles over the years, everything in life is a matter of choice

Contentment is the key

I listened to an extremely interesting discussion recently on TV; the subject was the ever present plague of drug addiction in the U.S. and of course in other countries around

Success is simple

The title of today’s article is actually the same title as my first book, which was originally published by Cornerstone Library a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster. It has recently

Never forget your manners

One thing which I really can’t stand are hypocrites, phonies of any kind, the kind of people who act in a certain manner - being on their best behavior and

DC’s ‘Shazam!’ is simply ‘marvel’-ous

“Shazam!” (Rated T) Cast: Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Mark Strong Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy Dwight’s Rating: 3 Stars If you liked last month’s “Captain Marvel” – as did I

‘Us’ is one heck of a ride

“Us” (Rated C) Cast: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex, Madison Curry Genre: Mystery/Thriller Dwight’s Rating: We may be witnessing the birth of a modern classic. No matter what you’ve heard

‘Captain Marvel’ is fun, relatively light and entertaining

“Captain Marvel” (Rated T) Cast: Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn Genre: Fantasy/Science fiction Dwight’s rating: 2.5 Stars (out of four) “You Go Girl!” That could have been the title here, or at

To borrow Madea’s words – ‘Halleluyerr! Halleluyerr! Halleluyerr!’

A Madea Family Funeral (Rated T) Cast: Tyler Perry, Patrice Lovely, Cassi Davis, Rome Flynn Genre: Comedy Dwight’s rating: “Halleluyerr!” It’s finally over! Tyler Perry has decided to put Madea (and us) out of her miserable

Dwight’s Oscar scorecard: Two big ones wrong – but the biggest one right!

As predicted, there were bound to be some surprises this past Sunday at the 91st annual Academy Awards, honoring the best in movies from 2018. And I got most of my

Oscar predictions 2019

As a genre, suspense and mystery films have been in a bit of a rut — and for a while now. Despite this, mystery/suspense must be the underlying theme for

‘What Men Want’ squanders its potential

“What Men Want” (Rated C) Cast: Taraji P. Henson, Aldis Hodge, Erykah Badu, Tracy Morgan Genre: Comedy, fantasy/romance Dwight’s rating: It’s exactly what you would expect! If you were expecting the new romantic comedy/fantasy, “What

Strong performances highlight two of this year’s most nominated films

They are two of the most nominated films for this year’s Academy Awards. “The Favourite”, the historical period comedy, scored a leading 10 nominations (tied with “Roma”) and “Vice”, about former

‘Glass’ is symbolic of the best and (mainly) the worst of Shyamalan

“Glass” (Rated T) Cast: James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Paulson Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy thriller, Dwight’s rating: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age

Undoing food conditioning for a healthier lifestyle

Undoing food conditioning for a healthier lifestyle We have a consistently strong epidemic in our country. We all know what the obesity rate is and we all know the high degree

Understanding satisfaction is the key to enjoying yourself without breaking the indulgence barrier

Dates are set and tickets are booked - you’ve planned this trip for months and you’re beyond excited. Your workouts have been consistent and progression has definitely been made. You

Create positive habits

We all know nothing is certain. The only constant in life is time. That will forever stay its perpetual course. With all of life’s indefinites, shouldn’t we at least put

The best life you live comes with a degree of balance

“One life to live and I’m going to do me.” I’ve heard this line countless amounts of times, especially towards individual’s fitness. Now if that’s your mantra, then by all

Celebrate your progression

Acknowledging your progression can be a tough feat at times, especially when you’re used to seeing yourself in a certain manner. It is proven that the majority of individuals only

Movement is key to a progressive and positive you

Every aspect of our life revolves around movement — from waking up, to going about our day. Life revolves around motion. Unfortunately, we’ve conditioned ourselves to garner the opposite of

Motivation and consistency is key

We all need external motivation. It doesn’t matter what that external motivation is, we all create a goal or an initial drive that permeates into motivation. Some individuals need it

Overconsumption and lack of balance is hurting us

Our degree of overconsumption and lack of balance is hurting us. We live in a culture that invites overconsumption. When we visit a local restaurant, we expect our food to

To solely live by your ‘fit pal’ is grounds for long-term let downs

You purchased this fitness pal months ago — essentially, it was to boost your drive towards creating a consistent fitness approach. This thing does it all — track your steps,