Thursday, Jul 18, 2019
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The day my life changed

I guess that when most of my valued readers initially read the title of today’s article, the day my life changed, they’ll be interested to know exactly what it’s about,

Traveling uphill

When I was a teenager growing up in Ireland, I had a bicycle, and believe me I went just about everywhere. Why I even cycled from the capital city of

Respect must be earned

Have you ever heard another, perhaps a parent or Guardian say in an annoyed tone of voice “I demand Respect in this house” or perhaps a Manager or Supervisor at

Hate is a no no

Let’s face it, life is about loving our Creator, our earthly parents, our relatives, brothers, sisters, and cousins along with helping all whom we come in contact with as we

Don’t allow them to annoy you

Have you ever met someone who is continually stating that someone keeps annoying them or keeps agitating them to the point where they almost come to blows? Well I am

Stop kidding yourself

Let me repeat at the outset, something which I have highlighted before in these articles and it’s this. You may indeed be able to fool many people who are in

Emotional stability

As all of my valued readers will be aware of, these articles are all about assisting people young and old, from all walks of life to become and indeed remain

You’ve got to listen to learn

I happened to be watching TV one day when they were interviewing Rick Scott the 45th Governor of the State of Florida sometime back and he said something which I

Boredom is dangerous

I have stated before in these articles, that one of the hardest things to do is to do nothing. Oh how correct that statement of fact is! You see, when

‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’ will likely require you to suspend some belief in gravity and reality

The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Rated C) Cast: Claire Foy, Lakeith Stanfied, Sylvia Hoeks, Sverrir Gudnason Genre: Crime thriller Dwight’s Rating: All hail Claire Foy! It’s been a triumphant past 24 months for the

Review | Bohemian Rhapsody is likable and entertaining, despite a few flaws

“Bohemian Rhapsody” (Rated T) Cast: Rami Malek, Ben Hardy, Mike Myers, Joseph Mazzello Genre: Drama/biography Dwight’s rating: November is here! And we’re at the start of what will be a mad and steady influx

‘First Man’ is a well-done motion picture that’s nearly as complex as its main character

First Man (rated B) Cast: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Kyle Chandler, Jason Clarke Genre: Biographical drama Dwight’s rating: According to NASA, the distance between Earth and its moon is 225,623 miles at its closest,

Near perfection in ‘A Star Is Born’ 

A Star Is Born (Rated C) Cast: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, Dave Chappelle Genre: Drama/Romance Dwight’s Rating: The fourth time’s the charm! Hollywood’s apparently unwritten rule that “A Star Is Born” be revisited

‘Night School’ is a cautionary tale  if you even think about dropping out

Night School (rated T) Cast: Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Romany Malco, Rob Riggle Genre: Comedy Dwight’s rating: It’s not all that often that the title of a movie perfectly sums up exactly what that

Emmys winners & losers

As predicted, the 70th annual Emmy Awards were unpredictable, for the most part, except for the times when they went exactly as predicted. The awards, handed out Monday night in Los

Will ‘This is Us’ take out ‘Game of Thrones’?

The 70th annual awards show honoring the best and brightest in primetime television is Monday night, and nobody seems to notice or even care. Perhaps that’s because the television landscape is

There’s a lot to like about Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians (U.S. rated PG-13) Cast: Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Awkwafina Genre: Comedy, romance Dwight’s rating: 2.5 Stars As with smoke, when hype clears, the true state and nature of a

‘Happytime Murders’ is a painful, cringe-worthy waste of time

The Happytime Murders (Rated C) Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Bill Barretta, Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolph Genre: Comedy, Mystery/crime Dwight’s Rating: According to the internet, he’s 39 years old. Screenwriter Todd Berger, writer of the last two

‘Spot training’ is an unhealthy approach to fitness

I only want to lose this one area. The human body was built to operate in unison. From the graceful complexities of the central nervous system sending messages to the body

Your cocktail of choice can have adverse affects on your calorie intake

The “aperitif effect” is essentially the amount of food consumed after indulging in alcoholic beverages. Pretty much that feeling of wanting those chicken wings after you’ve had a few too

The importance of rest after workouts

According to an article from “Breaking Muscle” rest and recovery are critical components of any successful training program. They are also the least planned and underutilized ways to enhance performance.

The importance of proper form during your workouts

Form follows function isn’t only the imperative methodology of architecture, but also the premise that every fitness and lifestyle professional lives by. In the fitness world, it’s better to have

Acknowledging your feats helps you to stay on track and be positively consistent

On your mark … get set — January 2018 is finished. It’s done! I didn’t mean to create such an ominous introduction, but sometimes you have to be real with

Create better food choices for your children

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying an old fashioned scorched conch. This is something I eat probably three times per year. During my time at a specific restaurant/stall, I

What you put in your body essentially indicates the level and physical aesthetic you will get out

It seems like every year fads and trends take over the global market, our thought process and our wallets. Just when we thought we would try some “diet” another one

The only person holding you back from a positive lifestyle and fitness change is yourself

Welp! (And yes, welp is a word; it’s a synonym of the interjection well, used to express surprise or signal the beginning of a comment or discussion). We made it.

Is your liquid intake hindering your fitness progression?

A study published in the “Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics” states that the consumed beverages (alcohol, diet drinks, coffee, tea etc