Lift ban on face mask imports

Dear Editor,

Early on in this pandemic, we were told that high quality face masks would help to reduce the risk of contracting this coronavirus, along with hand washing, adequate social distancing etc.

Several months ago, the competent authority banned the import of face masks that may offer higher levels of protection against the airborne coronavirus.

He opted instead to encourage a cottage industry of more loosely fitting cloth masks.

While these cloth masks may reduce the amount of particles a person exhales into the air, one must wonder how much protection they can offer against breathing in the virus, since most of these masks do not fit properly and based on my observations, many people are wearing these masks below their noses.

It may be wise for the prime minister to consider removing the ban on the importation of masks during this current unprecedented surge of coronavirus, so that the vulnerable can have access to better-fitting, more protective masks.

This one thing may also help to reduce the rate at which person-to-person spread takes place. Its the logical, sensible, responsible thing to do!


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