Lil Vaevae makes ‘Boss Moves’

She’s young, creative, energetic, and fearless and it’s evidenced by the fact that Neveah Gibson at age 11 is already making boss moves with the release of her debut single – an anthemic song about women being independent, strong and focused on their goals.

The song “Boss Moves” she says is about women being bosses, women being independent, strong and focused on their goals, qualities she sees daily in the woman who she says inspires her the most – her mother Sabrina.

“I think being a boss means you are independent, strong and you know what you want,” said the youngster who has adopted the moniker “Lil Vaevae” and who said she is inspired by her mom.

“She always inspires me. She tells me to be brave, to know what I want and not be shy.”

“Lil Vaevae” began rapping at the age of six to a Cardi B song she heard on the radio. Her mother was not only surprised by the fact that her daughter knew some of the song’s lyrics, but that she was stunned by her skill and that her little girl demonstrated a flow.

Soon after, “Lil Vaevae” began creating her own fun lyrics and freestyling for family, friends and anyone who would listen. Sabrina posted video clips of “Lil Vaevae’s” rap performance online and people started to take notice of the little girl spitting.

Her mother said she also realized how serious “Lil Vaevae” was about becoming a rapper when she wrote the lyrics to “Boss Moves”, a song that impressed Sabrina so much that she told a friend about “Lil Vaevae’s” desire to become a music artist. Sabrina was turned on to songwriter, producer and entertainer Dillon “DMac” McKenzie at Commonwealth Recording Studio, where “Lil Vaevae” recorded the single by Nacoda, mixed by Zhary Cash and mastered by Ray R Ewing.

“Boss Moves” is available on all music platforms.

The youngster has dreams of making it huge on the world stage.

She counts Cardi B, Megan The Stallion and Lil Wayne among some of her favorite artists.

“But my favorite will always be Cardi B. She inspires me,” said ‘Lil Vaevae’ – I love her music and the way she fights for what she wants.”

But “Lil Vaevae” doesn’t plan on fashioning herself after anyone. She said she’s trying to be herself and not copy anyone.

As for the name “Lil Vaevae” – her cousins call her “Vaevae” so she added turned her nickname into her artist name and added the “Lil.”

The youngster is currently working on another song and said her mother is working hard to raise funds for her music video.

“Lil Vaevae” said despite her young age, she wants people to know that she is serious about her dream and will work hard to ensure they come true. She said she also wants to inspire people to work hard because hard work pays off, and to also always try their best to always do good in life.

“If you do this, you will be successful in life, and no matter where you come from don’t give up, just focus on your dreams.”

The youngster said she also wants to be successful so that her mother no longer has to struggle.

“My mom always struggles. I want to get her out of the struggle and give her a good life. I don’t want her to worry about anything in life anymore, I want to make her proud of me and be the best I can be.”

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