Long Island, a race to watch 

Long Island — the land of the sheep runners — has traditionally been a strong and reliable supporter of the FNM. It was under the FNM that many improvements to the island’s infrastructure were made — water, telephone, electricity, and paved roads in many settlements.

In 2017, the island supported the FNM’s Adrian Gibson, in a three-way race featuring then-independent incumbent, Loretta Butler-Turner and the PLP’s Glendon Rolle.

The race for the parliamentary seat is now a two-man contest featuring the FNM and the PLP, whose candidate is Tyrel Young.

What can we expect?

While most predictions favor a return to power by the incumbent, the FNM flag bearer has been in the press lately for certain matters relating to his role as a chairman of a government corporation.

These matters have nationally damaged the reputation of the incumbent. However, it remains uncertain the extent of the damage — if any — the matters at WSC will have on the incumbent in his home turf.

To any objective observer, the incumbent has done work in his constituency and a Long Islander’s dream for a new airport at Deadman’s Cay seem a bit closer to fruition.

But there are some constituents who claim that the incumbent has shown favoritism toward certain groups and taken steps to build up his personal wealth.

While these views remain allegations, in politics, sometimes perception is reality. The failure of the incumbent to sufficiently address this perception will give some voters a reason to pause.

Also important to note is that certain contracts for works on the island were given to “outsiders”. Whether right or wrong, the incumbent has gotten backlash for this. This has resulted in a campaign general of the FNM switching sides and supporting the PLP.

The main polling divisions to watch are three, four, five, and six. These include heavily populated areas like Petty’s, Mangrove Bush, Buckley’s, Deadman’s Cay, and Grays. If we see close margins in these polling divisions, the incumbent may be in trouble.

Vaughn New 

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