Madness and folly in serious times

Dear Editor,

The toxic novel coronavirus in The Bahamas seems to be bringing all the political would-bes out of the woods.

They seem to be going rudderless, wild and crazy about what should be done to deal with the contagion in our country.

The American authorities have just announced that COVID-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon. So, as the political heat in the country gets hotter, and our general election draws nearer with each passing day, Bahamians should be prepared to ask every political hopeful what their policies and plans are to deal with the deadly virus if they are successfully elected to serve the people.

Do not get distracted, brothers and sisters. Get to know all those who seek to represent us, and what they stand for. They are giving the impression that they could do a better job.

Then, it is our right to question them about what it is that they will do differently in a fluid COVID-19 environment.

Anyone could criticize and pretend to be the preferred competent authority; and that’s exactly what they are doing in the press, on social media and on the toilet.

They are talking mess left, right and centre; and some of us are swallowing this all day, and every day without a break.

But talk is cheap, and money buys land.

What is your COVID-19 strategy, Progressive Liberal Party, Democratic National Alliance and all the rest? Just criticisms and propaganda to help get elected?

That will not be sufficient. The Bahamian people have more sense than that!

We are paying attention to all the noise in the market, and so far opposition forces in the nation are just barking, and they really believe that that is cute and vote-catching.

Oh, what madness and folly is this in these serious times?

– Dennis Dames

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