Majority Rule Day — let us all celebrate 

Dear Editor,

I believe it was the late President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who said, “A people have a right to govern themselves even if they do it poorly.”

Majority Rule was precursory to our national independence as a sovereign democratic nation.

The United Nations has defined democracy as “a universally-recognized ideal”.

It is indeed a system of government in which citizens of a country rule by majority vote.

The worst thing colonization did to us as a nation was cloud our view of our past and give us a low appreciation of ourselves, especially those of us with a darker skin color and other certain attributes.

Minority rule, which dominated our land, is now a part of our rancid past.

The rule of the minority white oligarchy was wrong, evil and insidious, but it reflected where we were at the time. It was a low moment in our country’s colorful history.

Minority rule was wrong because it stood on the premise that human worth is determined by color, race or religion. We may be of a different color, race or religion, but we all belong to the human race.

The emancipation of slaves in 1833, the achievement of Majority Rule in 1967, and independence in 1973 were all achieved without violence. This fact speaks volumes to the peaceful spirit of our people.

Whites should participate

I appeal to white Bahamians, particularly those in positions of power and economic influence, to become more involved to make the goals of Majority Rule a reality.

Equally, I appeal to black Bahamians to come to see that “black hatred” is as evil as “white hatred”.

White Bahamians have benefitted economically from the progress this country has made. So, we all should learn from our past and celebrate this high moment.


Sir Lynden O. Pindling – he was bold, charismatic and his political achievements ignited a spirit of ascendency.

He and his political colleagues at the time gave the black majority a sense that we have the alienable right to see ourselves worthy of leading our country.

Whether you liked Sir Lynden and his politics or not, Majority Rule is worthy of celebration for all Bahamians, whether you are white or black.

Majority Rule was the political explosion that lifted the minds and spirits of the Over-the-Hill communities.

It gave us a sense that this land was our land. Now, whether we have done our very best with the land may be another question.

Let us live the dream

On the occasion of Majority Rule, I call on black and white Bahamians to let us truly make the dream a reality.

Firstly, let us see all persons as God-made; see them as humans who carry in the soul the very image of God.

Each person has intrinsic worth regardless of race, color, religion, gender or even sexual preference.

Majority Rule was intended to cause us to level the economic playing field. But today in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, the wealth is not common.

Then I pray that the chasm which divides us politically will be abridged.

PLP or FNM, we are all Bahamians. Some Bahamians are more committed to their political party than they are to country, their family and even to God. Political allegiances and alliances must be kept in proper perspective.

Personally, I thank God for the spirit of Majority Rule and for what it did for all Bahamians.

Let us all celebrate.

– Bishop Simeon B. Hall, pastor emeritus, New Covenant Baptist Church

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