Man agrees to pay landlord outstanding rent

An auto body repairman on Thursday agreed to pay $2,100 in owed rent to his former landlord.

Jason Ingraham told Magistrate James Moxey that he rented the vacant lot from Randolph Curtis for $300 per month. Ingraham vacated the property on October 24.

However, Curtis claimed that the rent was really $125 per week.

Ingraham insisted that the rent was $300 because he had to clear the land and erect a perimeter fence to carry out his car repairs.

Neither man was able to produce a rental agreement. Curtis claimed that his tenant was “too busy for formalization”.

They also had conflicting reports of when Ingraham started to rent the property.

Curtis said it was sometime in November 2019, but Ingraham said it was really in January 2019.

Moxey asked Ingraham if he had receipts showing that he had paid rent for 22 months.

Ingraham said that Curtis was always “too busy” to provide receipts. Ingraham said he didn’t insist on getting proof of payment because their “relationship wasn’t on the rocks then”.

Ingraham admitted that he owed Curtis $2,100, though Curtis insisted it was really $5,000.

Curtis, however, eventually agreed to settle for $2,100. The court awarded him $100 in costs.

Ingraham paid him $500 towards the debt in court. He will pay the balance in monthly installments of $150.

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Artesia Davis

Artesia primarily covers court stories, but she also writes extensively about crime.

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