Man and woman, who caused serious injuries to infant, jailed for one year

A father and grandmother who caused serious injuries to an infant when they attacked the child’s mother were on Wednesday sentenced to one year in prison.

Jeffrey Lubin, 24, and Rosna Noel, 52, pleaded guilty to assaulting Francesca Sanon and exposing her two-month-old son to grievous harm.

The baby suffered facial injuries when Sanon fell on top of him as she tried to fend off the attack by her mother and boyfriend at a Haitian village on Cowpen Road on June 7.

The baby received a gash on his face that required surgery. The child is not expected to suffer long-term effects as a result, according to a pediatrician.

In passing sentence, Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis said that the “family will never be the same, as the child suffered a traumatic event at the hands of the father and grandmother”.

Rolle-Davis dismissed the suggestions from defense lawyers Ian Cargill and Keith Bell to place them on probation, with a recommendation for deportation.

The magistrate said, “I do not believe that they can go unpunished.”

According to the prosecutor, Sanon had an argument with Lubin, her boyfriend and the infant’s father, on June 6.

As a result, she went to sleep by Noel, her mother.

However, Noel also allowed Lubin to sleep at the home when he came there, the court heard.

Sanon left the house the following morning. Her two-year-old son walked alongside her as she held the infant in her arms.

But Lubin came after her and grabbed her free hand and told her “she wasn’t going anywhere”.

As he dragged her back to the house, Sanon screamed for help.

Her mother came out but didn’t render any assistance. Instead, she struck her daughter in the back and bit her hand.

Sanon fell on top of the infant that she cradled in her arms and the two-year-old also fell to the ground, the court heard.

Then, Noel took both children back to the house.

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Artesia Davis

Artesia primarily covers court stories, but she also writes extensively about crime.

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