Man arrested on two-year-old warrant given bail

A judge gave a man who failed to show up to court for over two years a second chance.

Police brought Arlington Tinker before Justice Bernard Turner after he was picked up on an arrest warrant that had been outstanding for two years and four months.

Police charged Tinker with assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly pointed a rusted Mossberg shotgun at a man in 2013.

Tinker admitted missing his court date in September 2017, but explained that he had almost died after he was shot multiple times in November 2017.

Tinker, who walked with the aid of crutches, said he lost his left leg as a result and experienced many complications.

But Turner said that didn’t excuse Tinker for showing up at court once he was released from hospital.

Turner also explained that it was the responsibility of the people who had signed his bail to inform the court that he was ill.

Tinker begged for another chance as Turner considered remanding him to prison.

Tinker said that he would be unable to defend himself on one leg at the prison.

Prosecutor Jacqueline Burrows did not object to Tinker’s release and suggested that the court place an ankle monitor on him.

Turner freed Tinker on $8,000 with one surety and ordered him to return to court on February 7.

Turner warned Tinker: “You lost a leg. You almost lost your life and you most certainly will lose your freedom if you don’t come back to court.”

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Artesia Davis

Artesia primarily covers court stories, but she also writes extensively about crime.

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