Man charged with four counts of murder, seven counts of attempted murder

A scuffle broke out at the entrance of the magistrate’s court yesterday as supporters of a man charged with murder and attempted murder fought with some of the victims’ family.

Travis Davis, 25, of Labor Street, appeared before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt and was charged with four counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder.

While walking into court, supporters of the accused shouted, “Freedom,” while family members of the victims shouted obscenities at the suspect.

Outside court, a fight broke out between Davis’ supporters and the victims’ family. The scuffle could be heard from inside the court.

Davis was charged with the murder of Marcus Sweeting, Dwight Miller, Jimmy Augustine and Franklyn Rolle.

According to police reports, Sweeting was shot to death in Pinewood Gardens; Rolle was shot to death in Fox Hill; and Miller and Augustine were both shot and killed on Key West Street.

The murders all took place within hours of each other on September 6.

Davis became emotional as the magistrate read the charges. He told her, “They lying on me.”

She paused to give him a tissue, then proceeded to read the seven attempted murder charges.

Davis was charged with attempting to cause the death of Portia Smith, Alvin Saunders, Nester Mackey, Jerrinique Roberts, Tavia Brown, Everette Richardson and Jarrette Smith on September 6.

Davis was not required to enter a plea and Ferguson-Pratt placed him on remand.

His attorney, Phillip Hilton, requested that the court place his client in protective care at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services as he said the charges levied against his client may result in retaliation from various gangs.

The magistrate said she had no authority to do so but would bring it to the attention of the commissioner of corrections.

Davis will return to court for a voluntary bill of indictment on December 11.

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