Man charged with fraud jailed

A habitual fraudster was on Tuesday sentenced to one year and four months in prison after he admitted to an ATM deposit scam.

Jackson Colebrooke, 35, of Young Street, admitted to convincing three trusting men to deposit checks on their accounts using the ATM before he withdrew money from their accounts.

However, the envelopes were empty and Colebrooke ripped the men off of a total of $1,530.

Branding Colebrooke a “menace to society”, Magistrate Sandradee Gardiner said he needed to be imprisoned for the protection of the public.

Just in February, Colebrooke had to a repay a fraud victim to avoid a two-month-long jail sentence.

She said, “You make it your business to defraud people out of their hard-earned money.”

On May 15, Colebrooke swindled Doyle Forbes out of $480. He asked Forbes to deposit a $600 check onto his account before making the withdrawal for $480.

Forbes reported the matter after the bank informed him that no money had been deposited.

Just 10 days later, Colebrooke persuaded Teyvaneo Carey to use his account to deposit a $600 check.

After making the fictitious deposit, Colebrooke withdrew $500 from Carey’s account.

A few days later, bank officials told Carey that the credit had been reversed because the envelope was empty.

Colebrooke’s third victim was Randal Richardson. On June 22, he convinced Richardson to deposit a $600 check onto his account before he withdrew $500.

Once again, Richardson learned he’d been scammed after bank officials contacted him.

Colebrooke was unrepresented when he appeared before Gardiner.

The magistrate noted that Colebrooke had been convicted of fraud in February 2020 and was ordered to repay his victim to avoid spending two months in prison.

Sergeant Kenny Thompson prosecuted.

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