Man charged with using threatening language

A man who invited people to topple monuments of colonialism on Independence Day has been charged.

Paul Rolle, 62, didn’t get a chance to carry out his threat to tear down the statue of Christopher Columbus in front of Government House and the statue of Queen Victoria in Rawson Square.

That’s because police arrested him on July 7, shortly after his video invitation appeared online and kept him in custody until his arraignment yesterday.

In the video, Rolle, of Minnie Street, is holding a chain while standing in front of the statue of Christopher Columbus.

“We are here today looking at injustice for all people of color around the world,” he said.

“Around the world, 190 nations [are] standing up. Where is The Bahamas?”

Turning to face the monument to Columbus, Rolle says, “He has thrown many slaves into the ocean during his travels around the world. He gat to go! We gat the chain here for him. On July 10, we gonna move him and we gonna move the queen from Rawson Square.

“I say come one, come all.”

He denied a charge of making use of threatening and violent language before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis.

Prosecutors allege that he intentionally used language to provoke the public to commit a breach of the peace.

If convicted, Rolle faces a $150 fine. His trial is set for October 21.

In the interim, he remains on $1,500 bail with one surety.

Maria Daxon represents Rolle and Inspector Lakisia Moss appeared for the Crown.

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