Man jailed for a year for gun

A man was yesterday jailed for one year after he hid a loaded gun under his mattress following a police chase.

Edward Johnson, 28, of Fleming Street, will spend an additional six months in custody if he doesn’t pay a $7,500 fine by the end of his sentence.

Officers were on patrol on March 16, 2021 when they received a description of a suspected gunman on Fleming Street.

The responding officers went to Fleming Street where they spotted Johnson, who matched the description of the suspect, with a backpack.

Johnson reportedly fled after he looked in the direction of the approaching patrol car.

The officers gave chase and Johnson ran into his family’s home with the police officers on his heels.

The police officers saw when he ran into his bedroom, raised the mattress and threw the backpack underneath it.

The lawmen retrieved the backpack and found a black Glock 26 pistol with seven rounds of 9mm ammunition inside.

Magistrate Samuel McKinney found Johnson guilty of possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition following a trial.

McKinney told Johnson that firearms offenses attracted a maximum possible sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment.

However, Johnson did not receive the stiffest penalty as he had no prior convictions and he was gainfully employed in the construction field at the time of his arrest.

Inspector Timothy Bain prosecuted.

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Artesia Davis

Artesia primarily covers court stories, but she also writes extensively about crime.

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