Man jailed for two years after indecently assaulting woman

A man was yesterday sentenced to two years in prison after he admitted to indecently assaulting a 52-year-old woman while his genitals were exposed.

Wilton Colebrooke, 44, of Sunset Park, pleaded guilty to charges of indecent assault and indecent exposure when he appeared before Magistrate Kara Turnquest-Deveaux.

The court heard the victim was walking along Carmichael Road when the woman who she was with called out to her.

She turned around and saw a man she later learned to be Colebrooke behind her with his genitals exposed.

The man grabbed the woman from behind and pressed his genitals against her, but she pulled away.

Colebrooke then ran into nearby bushes. The woman and bystanders pursued the man and detained him until police arrived.

When questioned by police, Colebrooke said the woman was “nice and solid” and he had been watching her for some time.

Colebrooke asked the magistrate if he could spend his time in the intake or remand section at the prison because the maximum was “too hard”.

He claimed that the men who had pursued him “brutalized” him and police did not take him to hospital for treatment for his injuries.

Appearing in the same court was Ras Deveaux, 34, of Emmanuel Drive.

Prosecutors allege that he indecently assaulted a 14-year-old girl between January 2021 and August 2021.

Deveaux, a handyman at a school, denied the accusation.

He was granted $7,500 bail on the condition that he wears an ankle bracelet and has no contact with the alleged victim and other witnesses in the case.

Deveaux’s trial is set for March 4.

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