Man killed during police involved shooting; officer also shot in the back

A suspect was shot dead and two police officers were injured during a domestic dispute between a man and his mother in Pinewood Gardens this morning, Police Commissioner Paul Rolle said.

The suspect was killed during an exchange in gunfire with officers at his mother’s Cascarilla Street home. 

Rolle said one officer was shot as he sought to protect the suspect’s mother who was being shot at. Another officer injured his leg during the attack.

Police said the suspect visited his mother’s home and took issue with her praying.

Rolle said the woman called the police after her son became disruptive.

When officers arrived on the scene, the woman led them to the room her son was in. Rolle said as they entered the suspect opened fire on his mother and police.

“The officer who was [in front] grabbed the mother and protected her and pulled her out of the room when he was struck with a bullet to the back,” Rolle said.

The suspect then locked himself in the room.

A short time later, a team of officers breached the door.

Rolle said the suspect opened fire again.

“This time the officers shot him, fatally wounding him,” Rolle added.

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