Man murdered off Scott Street

A trek through bushes off Scott Street in Bain and Grants Town yesterday ended with a group of people stumbling upon a man’s body.

According to Police Press Liaison ASP Audley Peters, the passersbys were walking through the dirt road just after curfew was lifted before 6 a.m., when they found the man’s body with multiple gunshot wounds.

“EMS were called, and upon examining the body, they pronounced the man unresponsive,” Peters said.

Nearby residents who showed up as police processed the scene said they had heard gunshots during the late-night hours after the curfew was already in effect.

“It is a concern for us, and because it is a concern, our operations team were sent in this area to do patrols for the past week and we are saddened that this occurred at this time,” Peters said.

Police could not say how long the man’s body was lying in bushes before it was discovered.

According to Peters, the victim is in his late 30s and is known to police.

Family members wept in the streets as police wheeled the man’s body from the bushes to a nearby hearse.

The killing pushed the murder count for 2020 to 36.

Last week Tuesday, police were called to two separate murder scenes after a man was shot and killed as he worked on a car along Pink Meadows Avenue, off Bellot Road.

His killing came hours after another man’s body was discovered in a cemetery along Boyd Road.

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