Man sentenced to 18 months in prison for drug smuggling

A man was jailed yesterday for smuggling a total of 310 pounds of marijuana in separate incidents.

Shawn Robins, 33, will serve concurrent sentences of 18 months in both cases.

Police arrested Robins near an 18-foot Boston Whaler on May 23, 2014. The officers found 250 pounds of marijuana on the vessel.

Three years later, police arrested Robins when they boarded a boat that he was on near Chub Cay on April 8, 2017. During a search of the vessel, police found 60 pounds of marijuana in the boat’s hatch.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes ordered the boats in both drug seizures confiscated.

Robins was finally brought to justice when he was picked up on arrest warrants for skipping his trial dates.

Robins pleaded guilty to charges of drug importation and possession with intent to supply regarding the 2017 case.

He changed his plea after Forbes convicted him in the 2014 case.

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