Margaritaville receiving $5,000 in bookings per day

The race to complete Margaritaville for its July opening is a “frantic” one, the hotel’s General Manager Larry Magor told members of the media yesterday, adding that $5,000 worth of bookings for the resort have been coming in daily since its reservations portal was opened early this week.

According to Magor, contractors and suppliers are working around the clock to meet commitments due in July and to finally open the property’s doors in the early days of the month.

“It’s frantic right now,” said Magor. “Obviously we’re in the last 30 to 45 days of getting the project complete, but it’s moving along very well.”

Magor, who said the Margaritaville property is 80 percent complete, gave the media a tour of the property yesterday, revealing that the placement of some hardware, positioning of some furniture and coats of paint here and there are all that are needed to complete the project.

There is water in the development’s lazy river and its surf simulator has been tested. While the third-floor infinity pool is still empty, it is clear that water is the next step in its evolution. 

Magor said thousands of people have already been interviewed for the 350 permanent positions at the property and the shortlisting is expected to begin this week.

According to Magor, the unfortunate loss of jobs for many people in the hospitality sector presented a fortunate opportunity for the hotel to find  “so many outstanding candidates”.

“We’re actually going through the final selection this week and next week, so we’ll have our entire compliment of staff ready to go by July,” said Magor.

“As a result of the pandemic a lot of people lost their jobs, so it gave us an opportunity to really find the best individuals that we need for the Margaritaville culture.”

The hotel will have a 99 percent Bahamian staff compliment, Magor said.

He said bookings for the hotel continue to grow and home porting cruise lines have expressed interest in the property for their guests.

“We’re an approachable brand,” said Magor. “Everything about this brand is made to really create a very fun and exciting and energetic experience using the Margaritaville concept, which is built around entertainment.”

Margaritaville is part of a larger complex called The Pointe.

The property adjacent to Margaritaville, One Particular Harbour, has been open from December and has been successful, according to Magor.

He said the JWB Steakhouse has been popular and The Pointe’s marina has had a number of large vessels since it opened at the end of last year.

“It’s a great transient facility right now,” said Magor. “We’re offering a dine and dock. People can bring their boats from anywhere in the local community, dock their boat for dinner and hop back on the boat and go home.”

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