Marvin Dwight Miller | Funeral Service

Funeral service for Marvin Dwight Miller, 41 yrs., a resident of Donahue Terrace, Golden Gates II, will be held at Golden Gates Assembly and World Outreach Ministries, Carmichael Road, on Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 11:00 a.m.  Officiating will be Bishop Ros Davis, Pastor Alan Strachan & Pastor Cynthia Wilson, assisted by other Ministers of the Gospel.  Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.

Left to cherish his memories are his: Loving Parents: Minister Jonathan and Pastor Ruth Miller. Dedicated Brothers: Minister Ron Carlos Miller I,  Jason and Jonathan Miller Jr. Sisters: Uptown Sherry Brown, Janelle Hutchinson and Yanique Bailey (Jamaica) and Latoya Brown. Loving Nieces: Shoron, Taeja, Tiffany and Alanna Miller. Shannique McKinney and Destiny McKenzie. Loving Nephews: Ron Carlos Miller II, Theo Clarke, Grand Nephew: Ron Carlos Miller III, Grand Aunt: Mrs. Victoria Higgs, Aunts: Zerline Curtis, Brenda Hepburn, Lavern Williams, Icelyn Bostwick, Vanessa Weir, Sanya Strachan, Martha Sweeting, Sandra Ferguson, Mary Saunders and Queenie Butler-Barry. Uncles: Wendall Miller, Junior Lundy. Barry Butler Dominic Dorcelie and Bruce Beneb.  Sister in Law: Keva Miller. Cousins: Alphonso and Retired Nursing Officer Williamae Gray, Bishop Ricardo and Pastor Shandalene Grant, Cherisee and Melony Higgs, Ricardo Musgrove and family, Vantera Sweeting and family, Leonardo Daxon, (Ethan, Aya) Philippa (Reshae & Danero Jr.) Raquel (Kyrie & Chazaro Jr.) Harris, Wendel Jr., Angel, Nardo, Lil Wendell, Kareem, Toni, Raynor, Shanna, Percy and Deandra Sweeting (Skye, Justin and Ethan Sweeting) Leonardo and Terrol Boodle (Tyler, Teitan, Saleen, Trent Edgecombe) Templer Lundy (Blake) Yvaiana Lundy, Roberto Thurston, Tammy Edgecombe (Hyly Moss, Maximus, Vante Whymns). Kendrick, Karen, Kim, (Khullia, Taquon, Khullia Jr., Joshua, Leonardo, Serenity), Shantal Curtis, (Keyshona Clarke) Chrisshawn Horton, Iiesha, Destiny and Rashad  Strachan, Lamont, Dwayne and Franco Miller, Renaldo and Krissy Swann, (Renerio, Renaldo Jr, Recardo) Elthinia Miller (Troy, Ariella ) Antone Miller (Asia). Leifo Miller (Keon, Nyantae, Leandra) Trevor and Marcia Pickstock (Trevor Jr Trevon,Trevez Trevona) Sergeant 2783 Brian Harvey (Brain JR) Corporal 3716 Pedro Sweeting, Tenessia Grant (Valentino, Raynor, Tashanna and Kevon) Minister Randy and Keisha Williams, Shamar Bostwick, Shanetta Bostwick, Shanique McIntosh, Sherell Williams, Keva Collie, Ricarlo, Angel and Theophilus Jr., Samantha Henfield (Antoine, Barry, Michael, Triston, Brittany) Stanley, Sylvester, Kyle, Shataz and Shanado Miller. (Shalayia Moss), Rashaun Rolle (Staniel Cay, Exuma) Special mothers: Sr. Minister Priscilla Dean, Dr. Doris Barry, Pastor Alfreda Fernander, Pastor Althea Davis, Minister Nina Phillips, Minister Bertha White, Minister Ginger Strachan, Sr. Minister Hazel Davis, Elder Christine Wright, Sr. Minister Margaret Cash, Minister Angela Morley, Sr. Minister Gloria Basden, Elder Blonvea Brice, Elder Betty Pearce, Elder Eulie Storr, Pastor Inez Pinder, Sr. Minister Verdell Pinder, Pastor Cynthia Wilson, Elder Elva Walkine *Special teacher*: Minister Genevieve Gibson. Childhood friends: The Coopers, Nixon’s, Ferguson’s, Ferguson’s girls, Oliver’s, Thompson’s, Cash’s, McKenzie’s, Newbold’s, Shanique Wilson, Melody Miller Trevor, Vivica, Shantell and Tiffany Brice. Family members and friends; Bishop Ros and Pastor Althea Davis and family, Honorable Desmond Bannister and family, Mr. Craig Cates and family, Pastor Alan Strachan and family, Pastor Cleo Cash and Family, Dr. Trent Davis and the entire pastoral board of Golden Gates Assembly And World Outreach Ministries, Minister Helen Mortimer and Family, the prison ministry team, Pastor Inez and the prayer warriors, Pastor Alan and Ginger Strachan and the marriage ministry, Rico Hamilton and Family, Apostle David and Pastor Rose Butler and the St. Peter’s Baptist Church Family, Sandra Fountain and the Laing sisters and Family, Junior Scott and Family, Lillian Saunders and Family, Sonia Armbrister, Erma Moncur and Family, Shakera Mackey and Family, Johnny and Sharon Taylor and Family, Tameka Roberts, Taneka Storr, Sherone Powell, Sandra Sweeting and family, Shannell Percentie and Family, Donna Turnquest and the ministers board, Sophie Ferguson and the deacons board, Kaye Ward and family, Kaye Ward and the women’s ministry board, Johnathan and Genesta Williams and family, Chris and Janet Mackey and family, Phillip and Pamela Williams and Family, Dario and Avon Wood and family, Arthur and Glasmine Humes and Family, Debbie Brown and Family, Rebecca Moxey and Family, Deborah Pratt and Family, Hortence Bain and family, Andrea (Drea) and Adrian Whymns and family, Andre Bain and Family, Trevor Lockhart, Eva Smith and family, Sammy Wright, Cyril and Claudine Joffre and family, Lenora Taylor and Family, Gary and Sherry Hamilton and family, James and Juliet Newbold and family, Tyrone and Edith McKenzie and family, Marvin and Kenva Colebrooke, Eric, Manson, Clifton Colebrooke, the Miami and Lauderdale Family, the Williams family, Ionie Huyler and family, Rosie Forbes and Family, Rev. Christopher-Huyler Roberts and Family, Huyler Family from Delaporte and Abaco, Kirk and Zoey Campbell and Family, Keith and Ruth Curtis and Family, Apostle Keith and Shantell Mackey, Cameron Dean and the BTC Family, The Kerr family, the Sears family, Delaporte Family, Deacon Dario Wood and the men’s ministry, Deacon Glasmine Humes and the usher board, Nadia Cash-Johnson Antoinette Johnson, Rosalie Munroe, Des Arahana and the Remnant of Grace Dance Ministry, Ms. Candice Edwards and Ms. Moss and Smith Security Family, Ms. Sandra Gray-Moss and the general post office especially the sorter dispatcher department, Shaynes Carmichael, Rubis Carmichael, University of The Bahamas security department, Donahue Terrace Family especially James and Francis Oliver, The Richardson Family, Minister Margaret Cash and Family, Ms. Allen and Family, Carlton and Ann Thompson and Family, Julianne Ferguson and Family, KC Cunningham, Monique Moxey and family, Daren and Yvette Munroe and family, Otis and Lyn Ferguson and Family Gordon and Eva Lightbourne and Family, Kervin and Angela Morley and Family, Daren and Yvette Munroe and Family, Otis and Lynn Ferguson and Family, Vince and Vanessa Rolle and Family, Emile (DJ Rev) Sweeting and Family, and the entire membership and friends of Golden Gates Assembly and many others to numerous to mention. If your name is inadvertent left out, please forgive us!

Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte’s Funeral Home, Market Street, on Friday from 10-6:00 p.m. & on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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