Masqueraders’ legend continues

The legend of carnival is a mysterious and complicated one, steeped in history from as far away as Europe and Asia and rooted in the Caribbean. Now, carnival celebrations take place around the world. Not long ago, The Bahamas joined the growing list of countries that indulge in the mystic street festival.

With Bahamas Carnival now into its sixth year, Bahamas Masqueraders is cementing its own legacy with the launch of its 2020 costumes under the theme “Legacy – The Legend Continues”. Over the weekend, the premier carnival group debuted four sections – Maya Maya, Golden Empire, Nubian Kingdom and Royal Dynasty – as it upped its production and added more risqué pieces to its collection.

Maya Maya

A fusion of metallic gray, teal and peach, these costumes are both tribal and majestic.

According to research, the Mayan civilization was among the most dominant indigenous tribes in Mesoamerica, which encompassed Mexico and part of Central America in the 16th Century.

It’s fitting then that each headpiece is reminiscent of a crown, accented by large teal jewels. As a finishing touch, these pieces feature large tassels that add flair to costumes that are sure to demand attention.

Golden Empire

This section is lethal and dripping in gold. As the soundtrack from the movie “300” played, Leonidas’ famous quote, “Give them nothing, but take from them everything,” sounded, setting the stage for the Persian display of splendor that would ensue.

Golden Empire.

As smoke billowed across the stage, toga-wearing models emerged. They stood off to the side as whip-swinging and sword-wielding models emerged in their golden ensembles.

With white feathers framing their faces, the models showed off everything from corsets to bejeweled monokinis and eyewear. This section screams Greek goddess. The showstopper costume, which was the final piece of the night, left us all thinking one thing: “All hail the queen!”

Nubian Kingdom

This section looks like something out of a “Lion King” musical – it’s fun, colorful and pure vibes. These tribe-like costumes mesh purples, oranges, blues and golds beautifully.

Nubian Kingdom costumes.

While there are several bodywear options to choose from, the special suits designed by Minka Blue are the true head turners. One is a barely-there one piece that might make you blush; the other is a see-through suit with cleverly placed colored tape.

Even more impressive than those suits are perhaps the add-ons, like the thigh-high legwear and the dramatic neck pieces that truly encapsulate the theme. But it was the male “lion-esque” headpiece and the female “showstopper” backpack that commanded the most attention. Anyone wearing those are likely to be hailed the king and queen of the jungle.

Royal Dynasty

Designed in brilliant red hues, Royal Dynasty is unmistakably Asian.

Before the first model appeared, two kimono-clad women scattered rose petals across the stage, creating the scene for the real show. The backline costume features a bejeweled monokini with lace sleeves. Accented with gold feathers, even more jewels and even a bejeweled kung fu half mask, the midline and frontline costumes added high drama to the collection.

Royal Dynasty.

While the offerings were impressive on their own, as expected, it was the showstopper – featuring twin dragon heads and a huge Chinese fan – that truly wowed. The stunning, one-of-a-kind piece is sure to dominate the parade…that is, if anyone is confident enough to wear it.

These costumes are Karnivalista-approved.

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