McAlpine: No desire to form a new opposition

Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine said yesterday he has no intention of leaving the Free National Movement (FNM) to form a new opposition with MPs who have defected from the party.

He also said the chairman of the FNM, who has called for him to declare his allegiance, needs to focus on getting more members for the party.

“At this time, I’m still a member of the Free National Movement,” McAlpine said.

“And, so, I intend to continue in that way.”

Last week, Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller left the FNM to become an independent member.

In October, Centreville MP Reece Chipman made the same move.

McAlpine said he would not consider creating a new opposition with Miller, Chipman and another MP.

“No, it would not be tempting because at the end of the day, I think our concern should be about the Bahamian people and not numbers in the House of Assembly,” McAlpine said.

“We should be seeking to see how we can better the lives of the Bahamian people. Anything outside of that becomes selfish and about self-aggrandizing.”

On December 11, FNM Chairman Carl Culmer said McAlpine needed to say whether he was with the FNM.

“You can’t be inside the party and be a Trojan horse,” he told The Tribune.

“He needs to decide whether he will be an FNM and know how organizations work or not. Sometimes you can’t agree (with a party) but there’s a place and a way to air your disagreements. To come in the party and then blast the party, I have a problem with that.”

However, McAlpine shot that down yesterday.

McAlpine accused the chairman of having “taunted” him.

“[I] say to the chairman, the time you take to ask what I’m going to do, he should be concerning himself about why there was such a small turnout to support the prime minister in the vote of no confidence and the fact as chairman why don’t he answer the question that is being brought to him by the chairman of the other political organization,” McAlpine said.

“And, so, he needs to take the time out to be more concerned about running the organization of the Free National Movement and getting better numbers for anything that he has to put on for the organization, which can’t seem to attract hundreds or even 100 people at this time.”

Last year, Culmer called the Pineridge MP “hypocritical” after he joined hundreds of protesters in an anti-government demonstration on Bay Street.

In October 2018, Maurice Moore, one of the founding fathers of the FNM, said it was nonsensical for McAlpine to ride the party’s coattails while continuously criticizing the government.

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