McClure twins vacation at Atlantis

Vacationing in paradise has been checked off the bucket list for Ava and Alexis McClure, six- year-old twins and YouTube stars who enjoyed fun in the sun at the iconic Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.

It was the McClures’ first visit to The Bahamas.

The family of five resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and has gained a huge fan base after an adorable video of the twins went viral in 2016 when Ava and Alexis became aware that their features were identical and their reaction to Ava being one minute older than Alexis.

The twins’ parents, Ami and Justin McClure, along with the their two-year-old brother Jersey McClure, loved the sun, sand and sea they enjoyed in The Bahamas while staying at the Atlantis Resort.

The McClure twins were able to experience many of the activities that Atlantis offers, some of which included a boat ride to Green Cay where Ava, Alexis and Justin were able to release a turtle back into the ocean after being in the care of Atlantis’ marine aquarist team.

The McClure family also enjoyed a relaxing day at Mandara Spa along with a day trip to Exuma through the Pieces of 8 Excursion to see the world-famous swimming pigs.

The twins recalled the excitement of seeing such huge pigs while visiting Exuma.

“We got to feed the iguanas, pigs and sharks,” the girls beamed.

According to their mom, swimming with the pigs and seeing the sharks and iguanas were definitely the highlights of their stay.

“The kids were obviously afraid, but they had a good time and I don’t think they will ever forget it.”

She said the dolphin experience at Dolphin Cay was truly unforgettable and another major highlight of their stay.

According to the twins’ father, the family’s goal is always keeping their content on social media casual and candid through storytelling and life lessons.

“We got here and realized that we had such a huge following from The Bahamas, so many people recognized us, and we have to say thank you to everyone from The Bahamas who subscribes to and supports us,” he said.

The McClures documented their Bahamas vacation and stay at Atlantis on both Instagram and YouTube, but Ami said the Atlantis vacation was a lot different from others. She said usually after six days she’s ready to go home, but said their two-week stay in The Bahamas was wonderful.

“The people of The Bahamas are beautiful inside and out and everyone has been so kind to us,” said Justin.

Images and videos from the McClure family vacation in paradise can be seen on their Instagram page and YouTube channel.

Ava and Alexis said that they would scrapbook photos from their Bahamas trip and adventures at Atlantis for a class presentation when they return home to Atlanta.

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