Melania Nixon is second LCIS Thomson Trust Scholar

Melania Nixon is described as confident and well-spoken, and according to Lyford Cay International School (LCIS) officials, the seventh-grade student stands out when she enters a room. They say even though she may not be as tall as some of her classmates, her personality and enthusiasm more than make up for it.

Nixon joined LCIS in Fall 2019, as the second scholar to benefit from a $1.5 million donation by the Peter N. Thomson Family Trust to the LCIS Endowment for Scholarships and Financial Aid. The first scholar was Heather Williams, who is now in 11th grade.

Nixon, a well-rounded student, is not only an able academic but a skilled artist, musician and athlete, according to O’Neil Bain, marketing and communications director at LCIS. She was the 2019 first runner-up in the Primary School Student of the Year competition. And she is also community-minded, having established her own charity organization to support homes for the elderly, and has an entrepreneurial spirit, managing her own lip gloss business.

Bain said although she joined LCIS as a strong student, the world-class International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum at LCIS will challenge Nixon in unique ways aimed at developing her to even greater heights. They say the school’s faculty-to-student ratio of one-to-seven will ensure she receives individualized attention while enhancing her strengths.

Nixon aspires to become a pediatrician.

The marketing and communications director said the strong college matriculation statistics of LCIS graduates mean that Nixon will likely be accepted into her first-choice university and receive scholarship funding to attend.

Since entering the school, Nixon said design has become one of her favorite subjects.

“I get to work on projects and interact with other students. Our current unit focuses on marketing, so we get to create a commercial which helps us to learn how to plan a storyboard, use a camera and edit video.” The design class is part of the core curriculum for students in grades six through 10 and challenges students to apply practical and creative thinking skills to solve problems.

Her mother, Danella Nixon, said that since her daughter started at LCIS, there hasn’t been a quiet ride home.

“Every day there is an exciting story to share. She has truly embraced the endless opportunities available to her. The classes offered at LCIS afford students the opportunity to stretch their thinking and go above and beyond just finding the answer for any particular question.”

Thomson, a Canadian, was strongly committed to The Bahamas and passionate about the value of education. School officials say the investment of the Peter N. Thomson Family Trust at LCIS validates the importance of the institution and has already expanded the school’s ability to share this type of learning with students from across The Bahamas who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

LCIS will open a new secondary school campus in fall 2020. Officials say there will be increased opportunities for Bahamian students to benefit from the education the school offers through increased investment in scholarships. Interested families should visit the school’s website at to apply or learn more.

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