Merit in Compass Point owner’s complaint

Dear Editor,

“We have seen this before: a smug, arrogant, foreign business owner with a God complex and an accompanying condescending and patronizing attitude…” says the Front Porch writer.

Here’s what else we have seen before: A country that refuses to own up to its failures, missteps and shortcomings. The buck always stops at someone else, all the better if they are a foreign national from the U.S., smug, arrogant with a God complex.

What better way of failing to focus on, and actually fixing the many country-shaking failures than to divert attention away from the real problems.

And, it doesn’t matter if they are Jamaican, or Haitian, Canadian or British. Remember your manners and hold your tongue while you are in our country.

All eyes should be on getting BPL to deliver dependable electrical supply for our country.

Immediately, before running on about anything else, shouldn’t this be the focus of every resident, businessperson and major media outlet?

Whatever it takes to get the job done. And, then, on to the next thing, of the many, many things that need fixing — NIB, PMH, BOB, Bahamas Air, Water & Sewerage.

There is not a legitimate business person in this country who isn’t beyond frustrated, well beyond frustrated.

Getting anything done in this country is a herculean effort, even the supposedly simple things.

The Front Porch writer continues, “Rodney’s (Leigh Rodney, owner of Compass Point on West Bay Street) belligerence is backfiring. The Tribune’s editorial yesterday roasted him, a reminder to non-Bahamians working in The Bahamas, wherever they work, to have greater respect.”

How can you say that his belligerence is backfiring? Anyone who reads this story, and knows the history of The Bahamas, would merely shrug.

We beg these guys to come here for their millions in FDI dollars. They do not deserve the world, nor the right to treat others disrespectfully, but for God’s sake why can’t they vent their utter and complete frustration with the self-evident massive failures of this small country that we invited them to come invest in?

These are the same nightmarish failures that we are all suffering from, are they not?

Our habit is to make excuses for our failures, such that the real problems don’t have a chance of being addressed and solved.

We are too focused on castrating the foreign, arrogant investor, the same one we encouraged to come here.

Nobody likes to hear the truth about their failures, but they are here staring us in the face, whether they are the World Bank stats, crime stats, health stats, education testing stats and on and on.

We can’t even handle the civil obligation of keeping electrical supply on for the smooth functioning of a major city.

If we cannot hear and acknowledge the genuine criticisms of our country, knowing deep down that they are legitimate complaints, what chance do we have of actually accepting the challenge to fix them?

If we cannot see this, there is no hope for this country. It is that simple.

Mr. American businessperson, while he may be arrogant and demanding, has a perspective that few in this country can share.

For the most part, American society actually works for many people. The same cannot honestly be said for The Bahamas.

– Porcupine

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