Merry Christmas to all

‘Twas the night before Christmas in Bahamaland,

And everyone’s finishing all they have planned.

The turkey, the ham, the fixings, the rum,

Making ready the costumes, the brass and the drum.

The families have gathered, the gang is all here

To celebrate the happiest time of the year.

The children, the presents, love for one another

A Bahamian Christmas is one like none other.

But as parties and laughter and libation ring,

Let us pause to remember the suffering

Of those toiling with loss at the hands of a storm,

That took away homes which kept so many warm.

And took children, and mothers and fathers and kin,

Making Christmas the saddest it has ever been.

As we gather to enjoy all we have received,

Let us pray for the hurting, the sick and bereaved

Who will need our support in the upcoming year,

So that their next Christmas can be one of good cheer.

What we saw this year was Bahamas strong,

We drew from the reservoirs there all along

To lift us from tragedy, turmoil and fright,

Won’t give up or give in, we’re determined to fight.

One by one, ravaged businesses rise from the ashes,

Refusing to bow beneath Dorian’s lashes.

Though slowly yet surely the nails and the hammer,

Are welcomed cacophony and a joyful clamor

As homeowners push for all which they had fought,

And weather the weather, whether or not.

Throughout our nation, there’s much work to be done,

And the work will require each and everyone

Which is why we must find some way and some how,

To heal our divisions, and we must do it now.

If we’re to march to glory, banners waving high,

We have got to do more than just say “unify”.

From politician, to preacher to neighbor to stranger,

A nation divided is our greatest danger.

At Christmastime, we call truces to war,

But we must all work to study war no more

Or else we make Christmas a fancy charade,

And little more than a holly masquerade.

When the three wise men followed Christ’s star

To bring for Him gifts they had brought from afar,

They weathered the journey for at last they knew

The promise of messiah was finally due.

Frankincense and myrrh and gold was their treasure

To honor a king of worth without measure.

We must have this kind of foresight for each other,

Recognizing the promise within one another.

And be willing to travel, no matter how far,

To help each discover their own inner star.

We can make this a country stronger and better

If we choose today to truly work together.

Let us lift up our neighbor so the world can see,

A nation all peoples should endeavor to be.

Last-minute preparations are about to conclude,

As is our poetic Yuletide interlude.

May your holiday be safe, and happy and bright,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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