Mildred Hall-Watson elected as Senate president

Senator Dr. Mildred Hall-Watson was unanimously elected as president of the Senate yesterday.

She replaced former Senate President Katherine Forbes-Smith, who resigned from the Senate last week.

Attorney General Carl Bethel nominated Hall-Watson.

“I am singularly and sincerely honored, and I thank you all,” said Hall-Watson, who served as vice president of the Senate before Forbes-Smith’s resignation.

“I will do my utmost best to uphold and indeed maintain the high and exemplary standards that this most distinguished office demands and has demanded from the beginning of our democracy 290 years ago.”

Hall-Watson told her fellow senators that she intends to serve impartially.

“May we all commit again today to perform our duties in these hallowed chambers with enthusiasm, wisdom and truth,” she said.

“It is possible, although sometimes it seems not. Because in doing so, we actualize and emulate our oath of office. And although we speak from different perspectives, our objectives are the same.”

Hall-Watson added, “As president, I ask that we maintain respect for each other as each one of us makes a contribution and for the chair.

“As we disagree, let us always honor the sanctity of these chambers and not be disagreeable.”

Bethel also nominated senator Juanianne Dorsett as vice president of the Senate.

Dorsett’s nomination also received unanimous approval.

Smith resigned from the Senate in order to focus on relief efforts on Grand Bahama following Hurricane Dorian, according to her resignation letter.

Attorney Lisa Bostwick-Dean was appointed to the Senate after taking the oath of office yesterday.

It came three days after she received her instruments of appointment from Governor General C.A. smith on Monday.

Bostwick-Dean said she was honored to serve.

“It is indeed an honor to be here to serve the people of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,” she said.

Bostwick-Dean said youth justice is one of the things that she hopes to advocate for with her parliamentary colleagues in the Senate.

She is the daughter of Dame Janet Bostwick, the first woman elected to the House of Assembly, and John Henry Bostwick, a former president of the Senate.

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