Mingoes men’s soccer squad drops two matches in Daytona Beach

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – The University of The Bahamas (UB) Mingoes men’s soccer team dropped two matches over the weekend in Daytona Beach, Florida, as the squad continued its international schedule.

The Mingoes lost to ASA-Miami on Saturday, 3-0, after a 40-minute lightning delay and then came back to fall to Daytona State College, 8-0, on Sunday.

Head Coach Dion Godet said he wasn’t disappointed in the team’s performance because the team played as best as it could.

“We just got out-matched in terms of physicality in both matches,” he said.

He’s hoping that the team could rebound from those losses.

ASA-Miami 3, Mingoes 0

The match against the ASA-Miami Silver Storm squad started in a downpour of rain that forced referees to cover their eyes just to see the play on the field in Daytona Beach, Florida. The match was stopped for about 45 minutes because lightning was detected in the area. When the Mingoes came back they seemed to be a little more focused. However, a penalty kick gave the Silver Storm a 1-0 lead going into the half.

The Silver Storm connected on a goal and then on another penalty kick to end the match 3-0 in their favor. The Silver Storm had 23 shots on goal in the game.

Mingoes’ goalkeeper Jared Sands had 14 saves before being substituted out for Aaron Munnings. Munnings had five saves.

Head Coach Godet said that considering the differences in size and strength he could not be disappointed with the way the team played.

“I think we got out-matched in terms of physicality,” he said. “We went against a team that obviously had some football skills in them and at the end of the day their football skills with just pure physical strength did us in. Overall, we played a team that demonstrated that if you put the time in at the gym and you develop your football bodies you’re going to have an advantage over a team that is challenged by the physical side of the game.”

Godet added that the team needed to take a serious lesson from the game.

Daytona State 8, Mingoes 0

The Mingoes came into the match hoping for a better result than the day before but they took on an even taller and stronger team in the Daytona State Falcons.

The Falcons scored in the first five minutes of play and did not hold off on the offensive onslaught. The Mingoes went into the half down 7-0, and lost 8-0.

“We came into the game today to get a win but after the loss in the first game we found it hard to recover,” said assistant coach Harvey Mullings.

The Falcons had 37 shots on goal to go along with 12 corner kicks on the afternoon leading to the final score.

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