Ministry congratulates Vlasov on historic accomplishment

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture is sending out congratulatory remarks to a young rider who achieved an historic accomplishment in equestrian sport in one of the most prestigious riding events in Europe.

Anna Camille Vlasov picked up three victories at the Jumping du Golfe de St. Tropez HUBSIDE event in St. Tropez, Grimaud, France, thereby becoming the first Bahamian to experience significant success in an international event in equestrian sport.

The 21-year-old Bahamian rider, on top of Beaumont W/V, a KWPN (Dutch Warmblood) horse, competed in the show jumping category, jumping at three different heights, and won all three. They were victorious at the 1.20 meters (m) height, returned the following day and took the 1.25m height, and then closed out competition two days later by winning the 1.30m course in the Grand Prix CSI 1* level. Vlasov competed against 10 competitors in each of those heights.

“The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture is pleased to congratulate Ms. Anna Vlasov, daughter of Peter and Pippa Vlasov, for her tremendous performance,” read a statement from the ministry. “An accomplishment of this magnitude in such a short period demonstrates Ms. Vlasov’s sheer talent and commitment to excellence in her sporting discipline. Her performance has served notice to the world that she and her Bahamian equestrian family are here to stay.”

Vlasov represented The Bahamas against a number of large nations, namely France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Chile, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Ireland, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, and her prowess enabled The Bahamas’ national anthem to be played three times over the weekend.

Since gaining official membership to the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) in November 2019, this performance is Equestrian Bahamas‘ (EB) first victory at a major international event.

Vlasov is based in France, and her horse Beaumont W/V is a white stallion. She has two trainers – Gilles Bertrand de Balanda and her part-time trainer Abdel Said, who is based in Belgium. While at school in London, England, she rode but only for leisure.

She is no stranger to horse riding and has been competing professionally for four years. The ministry released a statement praising her for her work, stating that her outstanding performance and internationally acclaimed achievement joins the ranks of Bahamian sporting trailblazers who have and continue to cement this small island nation on the world map as a country that produces world-class athletes.

“Vlasov has made her mark as a fierce equestrian competitor, and for her hard work and accomplishment, we celebrate her, daughter of the Bahamian soil,” the statement read. “On behalf of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, and by extension, the Government of The Bahamas, we extend congratulations to Anna “Millie” Vlasov and Equestrian Bahamas for a victorious performance.”

Her goal is to ride for The Bahamas at the Pan American Games, Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games and then, eventually, the Olympics. Her dream has always been to represent her country in the Olympics.

Earlier this summer, Vlasov and Beaumont M/V finished third at a competition in Deauville, France.

The young rider said she is grateful for her parents, Peter and Pippa Vlasov. Also, she said she is appreciative of Equestrian Bahamas and its president Cathy Ramsingh-Pierre for facilitating her competitions in Europe.

Vlasov is sponsored by Pirate Republic Brewing and Bahamas Ferries.

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