Ministry of Education nearer to electronic device goal for every student

The Ministry of Education (MOE) is nearing its goal of acquiring sufficient devices for the 48,000 students enrolled in the public-school system. Through a public-private partnership (PPP) organized by Leno Trust, The Myers Group and the Antique Auto Club of The Bahamas donated tablets and approximately $16,000 to the MOE.

“We are always appreciative of efforts that are made from various philanthropic organizations to assist us with our goals,” said Lorraine Armbrister, permanent secretary.

Armbrister said that with an initial donation of $60,000, Leno Trust was the forerunner among many other donations from private organizations.

“Here we are today thanking corporate partners for coming forward and assisting the MOE with its goal of trying to provide 48,000 devices for our children. The gifts come in both actual devices and in the form of monetary donations. We are well on our way; we’re only short of about 8,000 devices for our children. Thank you to all those persons who have come forward and made known their commitment to the children of The Bahamas.”

She urged parents and their children to grasp the opportunities that are available to them.

Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd said Leno is pushing with the ministry to ensure that in every circumstance where a child needs a device, that child has the opportunity for a device.

“And we’re working along with our other partners – Aliv and BTC… working with them enables us to help our children have access to quality education, which is our commitment to them, our commitment to the world,” said Lloyd. “We have said to the United Nations, the World Bank, IMF, to IDB that we are committed to ensuring quality education for all of our children.”

Dianne Bingham, managing director, Leno Foundation; Freeman Deveaux, Antique Auto Club of The Bahamas; and Ash Henderson, The Myers Group, also participated in the ceremony.

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