Ministry of Health says CDC lowered Bahamas to level two on travel advisory list

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has lowered The Bahamas from a level three to a level two on its travel health advisory notice, the Ministry of Health and Wellness said last night. 

The CDC uses travel health notices to alert travelers to health threats around the world. 

While the ministry said The Bahamas’ ranking was lowered, The Bahamas remained on a level three alert on the CDC’s website up to 8 o’clock last night. 

According to the CDC, level two-ranked countries have a “moderate” level of COVID cases. 

Travelers are encouraged to be fully vaccinated before traveling to any country, the CDC says. 

The Ministry of Health said the reclassification “should continue to bode well for our economy and benefit our tourism sector”. 

However, while COVID cases are significantly lower than they were two months ago, there has been a notable uptick in new cases in the last week. 

Officials have warned that the country could be in the early stages of a possible surge. 

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