Ministry responds to ‘public discord’ at Road Traffic Dept.

Amid an ongoing series of internal audits at the Road Traffic Department, the Ministry of Transport and Housing yesterday “took grave exception” to public discord between two employees at the department.

The ministry noted that the Road Traffic Department is responsible for the collection of revenue from vehicle licensing and inspection fees, which exceeds $60 million annually.

“The revenue must be protected,” the ministry said in a statement. 

“To ensure the integrity of revenue collected, numerous processes and procedures have been implemented.

“Additionally, several audits have been undertaken to ensure that employees act in accordance with the established protocols of the department. The ministry is aware of allegations and discord in the public domain between two employees at the Road Traffic Department.

“While it is not the policy of the government of The Bahamas to publicly comment on internal staff matters, the ministry takes grave exception to personal allegations against employees being made public while the allegations remain under investigation by independent parties.

“Public officers are reminded of the provisions of General Orders which disallows public statements on any matter.

“The ministry continues to foster and encourage a harmonious and respectful working environment at the Road Traffic Department and all agencies under its remit.

“The ministry remains strongly committed to strengthening the audit and compliance oversight of the Road Traffic Department and will not be deterred [in] its efforts to safeguard the government’s revenue stream.”

An employee of the department claimed that she was being harassed by a contracted worker at the department.

Eyewitness News reported that roughly 40 employees of the department signed a petition seeking the removal of the contracted worker, who they claim was disrespectful and rude.

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