Ministry to implement revised school courses in the fall

The Ministry of Education announced yesterday it will be implementing four “revised and enhanced” school courses this upcoming fall semester. 

During a press conference held at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture to reveal the new curricula, Ministry of Education officials also announced that school courses will now be revised every five or six years in an effort to continuously modernize learning methods and keep education “relevant”. 

“The curriculum, other than the Education Act, is perhaps the single most important policy document because it guides what it is that students will learn and teachers will teach,” Director of Education Marcellus Taylor said. 

“And so, in 2018, the ministry embarked upon making the process of curriculum reform and development and revision a more deliberate process. Prior, in 1982, the ministry embarked upon its first development of curricula guides and from that time to now, while there have been guides that were revised, the process at best could be described as ad hoc. What that led to was us not necessarily having the best curriculum on the table at any one time.

“The process that we are now engaging seeks to make a consistency with the delivery of relevant, high-quality curricular guides so that every five years, or whatever the time period is – five or six years, we can expect to get a revised curriculum that can meet the needs of the students today.”

Taylor also said, “The single most important purpose of our education system, although it has many purposes for existing, is to prepare students for their lives; and the best way that we can do that is to have curricula that meet those needs.”

The four revised courses include primary school physical education, junior and senior high school mathematics, economics and commerce, and officials confirmed new curricula for other courses are expected to be forthcoming in the future.

Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd said that the revision of two additional courses could be expected before the end of this year. 

“The work of curriculum revision is consistently ongoing. Within the second quarter of this year, we project the completion of the primary language arts and primary social studies curricula,” Lloyd said. 

He added, “Our revised and enhanced curriculums will be placing emphasis on developing practical skills to augment instructional content.”

Taylor echoed the minister’s comments regarding the need for “well-rounded” education, and noted that the new revision cycle is intended to achieve just that, in addition to raising the graduation rate from 59.3 percent to 85 percent by 2020, as Lloyd said in November that government has committed to. 

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