Mistreating a Bahamian over Crown land 

Dear Editor,

Let me get this right.

A BAHAMIAN investor receives a lease agreement from government for CROWN land on Paradise Island.

He will create a beach club for locals and visitors under a public private partnership with Antiquities and Monuments. He will restore the historic lighthouse, which the government has allowed to fall into shameful disrepair.

He signs and seals the lease as requested. The government does not sign.

The government then reneges on its offer by trying to take away the portions of land that are crucial to the project’s success.

The government wants Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL) to have this portion of the land. RCCL already owns significant prime property in the area.

And the BAHAMIAN, who has worked toward the lighthouse restoration/beach club project for eight years and has already invested in it based on government’s WORD, is now being called “extremely selfish?”

You can’t make this kind of thing up.

Shades of Lighthouse Point.

Only worse. This is Crown land, AKA the PEOPLE’S land.

Athena Damianos


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