Mitchell advises PLPs against revealing party’s internal affairs to public

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Fred Mitchell yesterday advised candidates intending to vie for office at the party’s convention this week to refrain from making public statements about the party’s internal affairs.

Mitchell’s statement followed a voice note from former Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe announcing his bid for chairman.

“While any member of the party in good standing has the right to enter a race for office, there are certain standards of behavior that are expected of those who are seeking office,” Mitchell said.

“Candidates for office in the PLP should avoid making public comments which may have the effect of bringing the business of an internal party campaign into the public domain to the detriment of the PLP and bringing party members falsely into disrepute.

“All candidates are reminded that they are to act with decorum. It is inappropriate to lead public attacks on other party members. It does not meet the standard of good conduct.

“Candidates for office in the PLP where they believe they must speak publicly about their candidacy should speak the truth and avoid slanderous and salacious comments.

“They should avoid appearing to collude with FNM partisans to create problems within the PLP. Their agents should be of good repute and not associated with criminal elements.

“Out of an abundance of caution, it is probably appropriate to avoid discussing party business in the public. There is a special responsibility where senior figures in the PLP are involved who should know better.”

The advice to candidates came amidst several flyers circulating bashing Mitchell’s tenure as chairman.

In his voice note, Wilchombe said, “I have listened and I do accept the challenge that you have outlined to reinspire, rejuvenate and reignite that mighty and powerful PLP machine that led the political and social revolutions in our nation.

“The economic revolution awaits our vision, our wisdom and our political muscle. We must lead this new era for the masses.”

Wilchcombe ran for chairman during the party’s October 2017 convention but was defeated by Mitchell.

Ahead of that vote, Wilchcombe said the party needs a temperate approach to how it deals with issues.

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