Mitchell not suited for foreign minister post

Dear Editor,

After reading a news story in both daily newspapers which reported that Fred “Jetson” Mitchell was advising mature public figures to withdraw and allow the younger generation to lead the country, I wrote to the editors, wondering if the honorable minister would accept his own advice. I further invited him to join me on my porch with my knitting, to which he had exiled me when I had criticized him on a previous occasion.

Recently, I was sent a voice note made by the honorable minister in which he attempted to insult me.

He further asked the FNM to find something for me to do, and warned me to stay away from PLP business.

I wish to inform the honorable minister that although I have voted for both major parties in previous elections, I am a member of neither.

I am not aware of what PLP business I was getting involved in and I wish to remind the minister that when he speaks, he describes himself as chairman of the PLP and minister of the government. Consequently, he is speaking on behalf of both presumably.

He was warned that the two positions were not compatible but he replied to the warning in his usual fashion, with insults.

So, if persons get confused with what is PLP business and what is national business, he has no one to blame but himself.

Come on, Mr. Mitchell. Admit that you are not suited to the post of foreign minister of this country and do the honorable thing, resign. Or, perhaps our itinerant prime minister can put you out of our misery.

Yours, etc.

Jeanne Thompson

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