Monolith discovered in Great Exuma

The chronicle of the mysterious monoliths was continued this Wednesday when one of the tall, metallic structures was discovered on Jolly Hall beach in Great Exuma.

Facebook user Dwight Hart posted a photo on his account of the monolith sitting pretty in the sand on Wednesday afternoon, caption reading: “Another strange monolith appearance… Jolly Hall Beach Great Exuma!! What in the world?!”

Hart said he was tipped off by an anonymous source to go out and investigate the appearance of the structure.

“Someone sent me a picture of it, so I went to check it out,” said Hart.

“It’s something from out of this world,” he said.

From out of this world or not, monoliths have been popping up across the globe over the last two months.

The first monolith of 2020 was discovered on November 17 in San Juan Country, Utah, by biologists that were conducting a routine wildlife survey.

The event in Utah quickly became an internet sensation, inspiring what many are calling copycat artists around the world.

Since November 17, monoliths have been making appearances worldwide: countries in Europe, Africa, Oceania, North America, South America, and Central America have all reported at least one monolith discovery this December.

Now, The Bahamas might be added to the list.

Other Facebook users were quick to share and comment on Hart’s post, turning the unusual sighting into an island-wide conversation and debate.

Facebook users’ opinions seem to be evenly split between persons who believe the structure really did come from out of this world, and those who have reduced the monolith discovery to nothing more than a prank.

“I saw something falling out of the sky the other night,” Neil Roker’s comment read, contributing to the suspicion that the structure’s origins might be beyond the realm of Earth.

“Satellites falling apart in space maybe?!” suggested Stephanie Lightbourne. 

Others, like Brandon Smith, took it as far as to suggest that the monolith has extraterrestrial connections.

“The aliens are coming to a Beach near you,” he wrote.

However, while many Exumians are having fun allowing their imaginations to run wild, others have been more skeptical of the fantastical saga of monoliths. 

“Granny ga cut y’all hip for wasting all of dat ferl!” said Yorick Brown, implying that the monolith is not a metallic structure at all, but rather, wrapped in aluminum foil.

Samuel Bastian wrote: “Man them Junkanooers creative…. that box wrapped in tinfoil aye.”

Regardless of whether the monolith was built in outer space or in someone’s backyard, pondering its origins has provided a fun, lighthearted distraction for many. 

For now, the only ones that will know the truth are those brave enough to venture down to Jolly Hall beach and take a closer look at the mysterious monolith themselves.

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