Mother grateful for govt probe of Turin deaths

More than two months after Blair John and Bahamian diplomat Alrae Ramsey were found dead in a river in Italy, John’s mother, Cathleen Rahming, said she does not believe their deaths were accidental.

“We still have no satisfactory answers about what happened,” Rahming said.

She added, “The story is too confusing from saying that not enough alcohol was in their system for them to be drunk to saying they were too drunk to swim. Nothing makes sense.”

The body of Ramsey, 29, was pulled from the Po River, in Turin, Italy, on June 4.

One day later, John, 28, a doctoral student, was found in the same body of water.

According to Italian media reports, the first findings of the autopsy, which were performed by Paola Rapetti, revealed that the men died from drowning.

Rahming said she is still hurting and struggling following her son’s death.

“I am in constant contact with his fellow PhD students and professors who are devastated as well,” she said.

“Some are angry [but] no one believes they died by drowning accidentally, no one. Every day for me is a challenge. I am trusting God for deliverance and the truth. I am extremely grateful to our government’s decision on seeking answers.”

Yesterday, Attorney General Carl Bethel said government intends to investigate John and Ramsey’s deaths.

He said an Italian law firm, Legance Avvocati Associati, has been selected for the probe and approved by Cabinet.

Asked if the law firm had already been retained, Bethel said, “We are in process of doing so. They have sent their documentation and indication of what their billable hours are and I have agreed. I thought they were reasonable.

“So, it’s in the hands of the officials to action and implement that which I have agreed to.”

The attorney general said he hopes the investigation will bring “a sense of closure and confirmation”.

“We are not prepared to accept anything less than our full review of the evidence and the conclusions,” Bethel said.

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Jasper Ward

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