Mother had a feeling son was about to die

The mother of a man shot to death early Monday said she had a feeling he was going to die after she spoke with him on Sunday night. 

According to police, officers were alerted shortly after 2 a.m. of gunshots in the Robinson Road area. The body of Jermaine Williams, 21, was found shortly after on Second Street, Coconut Grove.

“Sunday night at 9:45, I checked my phone, and I saw he sent a picture to me where he was standing up. He took a picture where he was,” said his mother, Elizabeth Ferguson-Emmanuel, 46.

“I asked him if he was okay. He said, ‘Yes, ma’am,’ and I asked him if he was okay because I zoomed into his picture and it looked like his face was swollen…and right then is when something spoke to me and said ‘your son is going to die’.

“I didn’t say anything else to him, and that whole night I really didn’t sleep.”

That was the last time Emmanuel heard from her son. 

She said she felt an overwhelming sense of grief the next morning, and headed to her grandmother’s home in Bain and Grant’s Town to clear her mind. 

As she put her car in park, Emmanuel said, she received a call from her niece who urgently needed to meet up with her. 

She said that from that point on, she knew something was wrong. 

“I said, ‘Is [everything] okay? Did something happen to my son?’” Emmanuel said. 

“That’s all I could’ve said because I know the picture that he sent to me, I saw the bruise on his face.

“I asked what happened to my son because I know he likes to go out, and he was out that night having fun. 

“She still kept saying that she was coming to me. So, I told her to let me get myself together so that I can come to her.”

After that phone call, she said, she felt her whole body shut down. 

“I felt as though my body had died,” she said. 

At that moment, she said, she prayed to God for strength. 

Emmanuel said after she received the news, she went to the Central Detective Unit (CDU) to present Williams’ passport and other identification.

She said her son always aspired to be the richest in the family, and took a special interest in the fishing and recreational water sports industries. 

However, she added that he loved to be in the company of friends and family who sometimes steered him in the wrong direction.

“He got into some problems before with the law,” Emmanuel said. 

“Then, when they looked into it [they found out] that it wasn’t really him, but his company.

“He loved friends, and he loved family. He loved to hang, but some people you hang with are the wrong people to be with.”

Asked what she would say to young men her son’s age, she advised them to watch the company that they keep.

She said, “I would say company, whether it be your friends [or] family, is not good.

“Being alone and serving God is the most important thing.”

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