Mother in disbelief as teen son dies in police-involved shooting

A grieving mother is demanding answers after her 18-year-old son was shot and killed by police early Saturday morning.

Fredricka Richards, 41, said her son, Kwondrick Lowe, was shot as a result of “no good friends”.

According to police, officers were on routine patrol in the area of Kemp Road and Edwards Avenue around 12:30 a.m. when they observed a male with a firearm.

Police said the male ran from the area and officers pursued him onto Hillbrook Close where he engaged police and was fatally wounded.

Paramedics pronounced Lowe dead on scene. A handgun and ammunition were recovered from him, police said.

His Majesty’s Coroner is investigating the matter.

Lowe’s mother said she didn’t hear about the incident until she woke up on Saturday morning.

While acknowledging that her son kept bad company, Richards insisted he wasn’t a troublemaker.

“When I heard about it, like when they say my son had a gun, I know my child. Gun? No,” Richards told The Nassau Guardian as she sat in the office of a Kemp Road community activist.

“Shoot at them? I know my child. My child scared of police. From small, my child scared of police. I know how my child is. I know they wrong …. say he fire at them. I know my child ain’t do that.”

Richards said her son turned 18 on December 8.

She said he was “mannerly”, stood 4’2” tall, and wasn’t an imposing figure.

“He’s a nice, kind little boy,” she said. “He liked [to] fix car. He wanted to be a mechanic one day. That’s how he is. He liked to fix car. He short just like me.”

On the night he was killed, Richards said, her son told her he was going out with friends to a club.

She was asked by a reporter whether he kept good company.

“No. I won’t lie, no,” she said. “They wasn’t no good friends.”

Asked why she thought police “targeted” her son, she said, “Because of the friends he is keep. The friends he is keep.”

Lowe’s death marks the first fatal police shooting for 2023.

There were 21 police-involved shootings in 2021, with 13 of them fatal.

Police have not yet given statistics for 2022.

Coroner’s inquiries into police-involved shootings are currently not taking place because a marshal has not yet been appointed.

Due to a backlog of cases, Richards may have to wait years to get official answers about what happened.

“They dead wrong what they do to my son,” she repeated.

“They dead wrong. They shouldn’t shoot my child like he’s a dog. They come to do what they had to do. They shouldn’t kill my child like that. They dead wrong and I’m not going to let that go like that.

“All he wanted to do was fix cars. That’s all he wanted to do. Be a mechanic. That’s all my baby wanted to do.”

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