Mother of murdered woman speaks out

The mother of a woman found shot to death over the weekend inside a silver Dodge Neon parked on Ida Street has no idea what she will do next. 

Agatha Greene said she was devastated when she discovered her daughter’s body just after 6 a.m. on Saturday.

She identified her daughter as Doreen Mortimer, 38. 

Greene said she never expected something like this to happen.

“I went out the gate after 6 and I went to the car,” she said in an interview yesterday.

“When I went to the car, I touch her and I shake her, and no response.”

“So, I came back inside and I told her brother. I said, ‘Doreen and Ricardo dead.’

“And then I broke down and cried.”

A man, who Greene said was named Ricardo, was also found in the car along with Mortimer.

When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered the pair in the car, which had its back window shattered.

The man was shot in the body and thigh and the woman was shot in the upper body.

“She was a loving girl. She never bothered people,” Greene said of her daughter.

“Me and her had a bond together. We was just like sisters, you know?”

Greene explained that when she returned home on Friday evening, her daughter had already cooked dinner.

“When I came home, she already had the food cooked and she was carrying the food out there [to Ricardo],” she said.

“She helped a lot of people.”

Mortimer left the house on Friday night, taking her food with her and telling Greene: “Mummy, I coming back.”

“But she never came back,” Greene said.

“That’s the last words she said.”

Greene explained that her daughter’s body was found in the front seat of the vehicle and the man was found in the back seat.

The silver Dodge Neon that the pair were discovered in was not a functioning vehicle.

It is unclear why the victims were inside the broken-down car.

“I think it has a battery problem,” Greene said.

Greene admitted that she will miss everything about her daughter.

Mortimer had no children of her own, but her mother told The Nassau Guardian how much she loved them, even recalling a time where she took a group of neighborhood children to the movies.

“She was very affectionate,” she said.

“Everybody said she was sweet.”

Greene said that she will miss her daughter’s smile and simply spending time together.

“We used to go out a lot, like go shopping. She loved clothes,” Greene said.

“She was a nice, humble girl.”

When asked what her next step may be, Greene replied: “I don’t know yet.”

“I can’t say.”

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