Mother of seven dies days after giving birth

A mother of seven died at Princess Margaret Hospital last week, days after giving birth to her baby girl, according to one of her older daughters.

Zennrine Ramdas, 36, reportedly passed away from a womb infection on September 4.

The baby girl was born at the end of August, according to family.

Dwiesha Berry said her mother began to battle a fever not long after she was discharged from the hospital.

She said she watched as her mother writhing in pain on the night of September 1.

“My mummy could barely move,” Berry told The Nassau Guardian.

“She was crying and she was shaking. She could barely move to get around. I had to carry my mummy to the bathroom, help my mummy to use the bathroom. My mummy, she defecated herself in the bathroom.

“I had to clean it up. My mummy laid down in the tub. She couldn’t move. She just let the water run over her. She asked me help her put on her clothes when she was finished.”

She said her mother’s condition deteriorated by the morning. 

“My grammy wake me up crying [and] saying that they have to rush my mummy to the hospital,” she said.

“I got up. I didn’t put on a mask. I put boxers over my face to come across because I thought my mummy had the coronavirus.”

Berry said her mother tested negative for the virus twice.

She said the hospital called her family the next day and told them that three people were allowed to come to visit Ramdas.

Doctors told them that she “wasn’t doing well”, according to Berry.

Berry said when she went to the hospital with her aunt, grandmother and her mother’s boyfriend, they were struck by how poorly she was doing. 

“When we went to see her, yeah, my mummy did look bad,” she said.

“She was breathing off a tube. She wasn’t breathing on her own. Only her heart was pumping. She wasn’t blinking. She was just staring.” 

Berry said doctors called shortly after 2 a.m. the next day to inform her that her mother had died.

“They said my mummy caught an infection after she had her baby,” she said.

“They said she caught an infection in her womb and all her organs shut down.” 

Veronica Ramdas, Zennrine’s mother, said the doctors could not tell them what caused the infection.

She said it is “really devastating” to have to deal with four young children following her daughter’s death.

She said her daughter left behind a seven-year-old, a six-year-old, a two-year-old and the newborn.

“It’s really hard,” Ramdas said.

“I’m the grandmother so I have to do my best.” 

Kim Bain, one of Zennrine’s sisters, said, “We need to just try to pull together and be strong for the younger ones and see how best we will be able to take care of them and really be there for them. 

“They’re really going to need us to step up and be a mother, a sister, an aunt to them.” 

Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) Director of Communications Judy Terrell said the matter is under investigation.

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